🔥~Ғιяɛ αи∂ gold~✨

Inspired by the song by Ellie Goulding fire and gold


3. Chapter 3: we are under attack /run away with me korra!



✨~Mako's pov~✨


Korra is the most beautiful girl 


I ever met I don't know a lot 


about her by I can't believe my 


brother is going to marry her 


maybe I can ask. mom and dad if I 


can marry her instead of Bolin

But what if korra not interested in me at all or rejects me. 


Than again I could just want her to be happy  with Anyone  I was outside watching the moon 🌙  and the stars I stayed with naga 


For a little while  she licked my face  I chuckled  than pet her 


"Thanks girl"  I said  


"Well I'm going inside good night" naga" I said 


I walked into my room and looked outside   At the pretty city 🌃 


Sure  the water tribe city is pretty but   I love Republic city more. 


I then walked out of the room and walked to my mom and dad room 


"Mom dad" I said they were both sleeping  


"Mom dad"  I said again  


"what is it mako?" my mom said 


"Can I marry korra instead of" Bolin getting her" 


"No mako" she said back 


but mom I said "I may have----- I could get the other words to come out. They was a stroke of glistening shining moonlight as it the window  and the heat was on in their room. It's nothing mom I walked back to my room 


Forming a water heart in my hands I smiled at the tricked I had taught myself  then stop  


It's getting late  I hoped into bed and dream about korra but we were in her Garden  together again talking etc just being happy 


✨|Korra pov|✨



"Mom can snowdrop stay in my room for  tonight so I won't have nightmares"?  I said from down the hall  ok sweet but make sure she doesn't have any accident on your bed she said back 


"Okay thank you mommy" I then gave her a big hug then. I ran to the back steps and  ran into the secret garden we had and carried her  to my room.  


"There you go snowdrop your bed" is all made for" I put her down on the  floor with a bunch of new paper  out  than turned off the light. A few hours later I had nightmare again but I was in the woods. This time running from some big dogs. 



And some ravens also some crows with red eyes   


"Come on korra you can't run away forever"  max said 


She shoot's a fire ball at the  dog)  it yelp in pain  but two are coming for her 


In the dark forest  they is no way to go then  the prickly roses on the other side of the woods. 


She had no choice but to run there for now not hopeless getting  hurt by those Thorns  but was there another way I think not  she just needs to past the  river she jumped across  and ran to the other side.


For she heard yelping by both of the dogs  and they were both had cuts bleeding until they fainted from absolute blood loss the mystery person  had to be mako right!? So she be in his arms again 


She saw a girl on a rock doing  rock bending at the dogs  and she was in a cloak "are you okay" she said to her  



"Yah thanks" I said  



Her eyes where green are you an rock bender? I said  


 "Yes" she said  


"Oh and BTW  do you know a water" boy named mako?" she said  


That's when my eyes lite up a little  "yes I know a boy named" Mako"  I said back 



"Stay away from him because he's" mine" she said 


"Don't look at him"


"Don't even bother thinking about" him"  she said back 



"And why not?" I said 



"Because he's my boyfriend" she said back 



I think my own heart broke in half and shattered into a million pieces inside. 



"Okay thanks for saving me" I said back not trying to break down.


"Whatever no problem" she said then she disappears. 


You better be here when I open my eyes mako or snowdrop I thought.



Then I opened my eyes to see cute sky blue ones and snowdrop on my bed  


"Mako what are you doing here"?I whispered 


"We need leave now korra, you" "need to run away with me" he said 


"Look my mom and dad are dead 💀 "and one of our maids said you left a note 📝 it said nice talking to you signed the fire kingdom" he said with tears in his eyes 



Wtf I said back we don't hurt your family we been framed I said to him 


"I know you won't do anything" "like that" he said back  you and your Family won't do that he kissed me on the forehead. I blushed a little but pulled away from his touch. 


"Your really feisty so will you" "run away with me  you will be" "safe with me"? He said 



"Your all ready wanted princess 👸🏽 "and so im you have to come "with me he put me on his back" 


Wait you forgot about Pabu I said he picked up Pabu and handed him to me And we on naga 


So long fire nation and everyone 


All I saw was a warning sign shot Up from the sky 🌌 and then yell 




















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