🔥~Ғιяɛ αи∂ gold~✨

Inspired by the song by Ellie Goulding fire and gold


2. chapter 2: I would jump into cold water for you!

Mako pov 


I could have sworn I saw her before  my head is just playing tricks on me  we sat down for breakfast  "so you're from the water tribe" she said "yes" I said back to her "me and my "bother are the famous fire and gold team ( this is the team named for now still waiting for people to vote )    



"It's in Republic city" 

Pro-bending Arena

 Bolin said 


Korra pov 


"Pro bending"?!  I said as ate stuffed my mouth then I forgot we had guests and mom kicked my leg under the table "ow" I said to her 

"so do you want to visit the" city"? Mako  said   


"Sure" I said I smiled at him   


"Do you want to see our secret" garden"? I said my sparkle because of the light in the room. 



"Okay he said you want to come bo?" I asked him  "no" he said 


I'm going to stay with naga  he said hugging the Polar big bear dog. Okay I said 


"Hey mom can me and mako please be excuse from dinner?"  I asked her  to visit the Our garden 


"Okay she said but you need to "promise me that he will keep it a "secret. she said  "okay I will tell him" 


I tapped mako on the shoulder and then whisper in his ear  and he nodded his head in agreement with me. 


I than put my food in the  fridge and walked to mako to my secret garden  well it's really the family garden I took mako's hand and took him to the dungeon back steps and then we were  both outside in the pretty garden with a Beautiful full moon  shining down on them as they both sat down on a settee but mako agreed that he just stand beside her. 



As a deer came up to me and I Dinged in my pocket I pulled out a piece of apple and he ate it likening my hand. mako just smiled and pet the deer. 


Mako pov 


"So what's the deer name"? I said trying to break the silence around us. 


"Her name is snowdrop" she back 


"Well she's really nice" he said back 


"Thanks I also have a pet fire" "named ferret Pabu". She said 


Well for me I have a Polar bear dog named naga. 


That's cool she said 


They talked though out the night 


But then Mako had to leave 


And korra was all alone  


At night she tried to have sweet dream about mako  she forgot to tell him  she has Philophobia. 


Maybe I should shake this feeling off she then she remember mako saying he would just in cold water for her 

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