Rising star

This is my first story and I only can write at school so ya

MY name is Samantha I'm 13 and i love to sing and dance.


1. The Audition

*this story will always be in Samantha's p.o.v. unless written so*

"Samantha get your lazy but down here or your going to be late for your audition!!" mom yelled from down stairs. To be honest I completely forgot about my audition for the The Voice. "Coming" I yell as I run down the stairs with my clothes and shoes on already. Surprisingly I'm only a little bit nervous, because my mom thought it would be best if I did not know who the judges where because I would worry about that instead of the song. The song I am going to sing is Grenade by Bruno Mars, but I'm singing acapella (without music) so the judges can hear my voice really well. 

                                                                                              *skip car ride*

we just pulled up to registration I get more nervous now because some girls are talking about who the judges are and I pretty sure I heard Simon Cowell, Shakira, and some other people I don't now. "Samantha your up next" my mom told me. I'm not really nervous anymore because I get to sing in front of my home town and they know I can sing so if the judges are mean i got the crowd for backup.  As I start the chorus Shakira turns around and her eye widen as soon as she sees how young. As I get more into the song I get more nervous for the most powerful note in the song I can see Shakira cheering me on . I hit the note with all my power and Simon turn around and had a even bigger reaction than Shakira.                                                                         * after the song* 

SC= Simon Cowell  S=Shakira SA= Samantha

SC"How old are you?"

SA"13 sir"


SA"yes ma'am"

After a lot more of the Typical questions they decide that I will not enter the contest but be signed to Syco records.

I go home immediately and start packing , which doesn't take long because my mom does not really like me. Simon said that he will adopt me so now he is my dad/boss. Therefore I am moving in with him. He picks me up at my mom's  house and drives me to my new house. On the way he said that he it touring with one of his clients in a couple of days and I get to go with him. But he won't tell me who we are touring with hopefully I don't go into shock pass out, and that I will like them because I will be living with them when dad is gone and for a the days before the tour.

*Author's note* comment who you think the clients should be 

If you want to be in this story comment and  I look through comments on every couple of days so ya

if you have ideas for the story tell me and i will put them in.

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