In His Arms - Ravus Nox Fleuret x Reader


1. In His Arms

You awoke with a small sigh, it was still dark both inside of the room and outside of it. It wasn’t because of a nightmare and turning around slowly on the bed, feeling the warmth of the man next to you, you could conclude that it also wasn’t because he was moving to leave the bed.


You took a moment, maybe two to admire the sleeping commander next to you before carefully reaching out to stroke his face


,,Ravus…’’ you whispered in a hushed tone, as quietly as you could as to not wake him up now gently stroking a few wisps of stray hair out of the man's face- at this his face twitched slightly and a deep exhale followed, causing you to withdraw your hand.


,,why are you up so late…?’’ his voice was laced with tiredness as Ravus moved, slowly drawing you closer, carefully with his prosthetic arm, you turned with it to get closer to him


,,I just happened to wake up. Are you leaving for work?’’ you asked softly, putting an arm underneath his, he shook his head slightly, sighing again


,,no. Apparently I should ‘take a break’ ‘’ his dipped into the more sarcastic range as he said the last part, he was often work-bound and having to take breaks from his work as supreme commander was very important to him and of course you understood.


You reached out to stroke his face again, Ravus sighing once more at the contact, body sinking slightly as he relaxed, again trying to pull you in a little closer, you didn’t have any issue in him doing so, it was rare to have moments like these and knowing that he seemed to cherish them just as much as you did was comforting to you- but also understandable. The man had suffered many losses, you were one of the few people left he wanted to protect and safeguard if not the only one now by the Oracles passing.


,,Ravus?’’ you asked carefully, your voice also drenched in drowsiness as you looked up at him, he moved his head slightly, taking you in, nodding once


,,what’s the matter?’’ you shook your head, moving your hand to his head to stroke his hair affectionately


,,nothing. I just wanted to say- I love you, I’m glad for you helping the coming king of lucis’’ he rolled his eyes slightly feigning annoyance but he didn’t stop the smile softly playing on his lips


,,it’s what she would have wanted…’’ you moved a little closer to his face, kissing him carefully


,,I believe she’s proud of you’’ you said softly and he closed his eyes, letting you kiss him, thanking you quietly as you pulled back


,,now you should go back to sleep…’’ he said, stroking your hair gently and you nodded, smiling


,,good night, Ravus’’


,,good night- (y/n) sleep well’’

With this the two of you managed to fall asleep within in minutes of each other, you feeling safe in his arms again

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