The Dream Weaver And His Mind Reader |Cover Competition Entry|

When a friendship between supers turns into an unknowing betrayal, the city is plunged into an all out battle between friends turned enemies. |Cover Competition Entry|


1. Prologue

One Year Ago, Nuka's apartment

"What are you doing here?" Nuka asked nervously, rubbing his neck before gliding his hand through his auburn curls in an attempt to look casual.

"You can read my mind, you know why I'm here," Shade glared, his golden brown, almost yellow eyes boring into Nuka's soul. "We've been planning this trip for months and it's not like you to just cancel on me."

"Something came up, I told you that," Nuka replied, looking anywhere but his friend's pale face.

"Like what? Your dick?" Shade asked, a look of rage focused just behind Nuka.

Following his friend's gaze, Nuka saw that Jessie Springer had come out of his bedroom and was standing awkwardly just outside the room. Wearing only one of Nuka's over sized t-shirts, and shifting from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable.

"Seriously, Nuka?" Shade growled, his anger causing the lights in the room to flicker. "You're ditching me to screw Miss. Springer? My English professor?"

"Shade, I can explain," Nuka tried to reach out, but his hand was slapped away.

"Don't bother, I don't want to hear it," Shade turned to leave. "I would say 'see you around', but I think I'd rather not."

The flickering light bulb burst as Shade slammed the door behind him.


Author's Note: Before reading this story I would like to inform you that both Nuka and Shade are college students, and Nuka is not one of Miss. Springer's students. For more explanation on this scene, you will have to read future chapters.

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