The scary cat book.

This is a couple horror cat stories, p.s. they are not real i made them up


1. The Revenge

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived with her cat, She loved her cat soo much! One night the cat woke up for some reason, he did not know why.. usually he slept through everything, so he got up to check it out, the house smelled strange when he got into it more. so  he went to the kitchen where the smell was coming from, usually there was weird smells there so there was nothing to worry about, he was about to head back to bed when he saw  flash of red go by, so he went to where it came from... then he saw it.. in front of him.. a fire. he yowled then ran to the girls room and woke her up she screamed then looked at him, she stared for a moment then ran. leaving him behind... the fire closed in around him, he was done. he could not believe he saved her to see her just leave him, he stood there for a moment then went to sleep.. for a very long time.. FOREVER.. when he joined the stars and the rest of the cats he watched the girl go back in the house when the fire was over and.. just when he thought she was gonna at least be sad about him being dead..she looked at his body and..smiled, he gasped, she-sh-she hated him! she was glad he was dead! he looked down at her sadly, then thought about the smartest thing ever! he would get revenge... he went down and started revenge by destroying her things and doing his business on her bed,  and he was a ghost so ghe would not get in trouble! he did that for the rest of his life.. well hers!

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