A girl finds herself trapped in a castle after a war hit her home. She can't remember anything. Can she learn to make friends with a war raging?


2. The School

      I woke up wrapped in blankets in what looked like a small hospital. I saw a boy with a sling lying in the bed next to me. He moaned, but I saw him smirk at two other boys. A girl sat to him. "Drakie, are you alright?" She asked. "Don't call me Drakie, Parkinson." He told her sternly. He was released a couple minutes later, and set off with his friends after a few moments look at me.

      I was soon taken to an office. Well, more of a chamber. I was sat down, and the man who had helped me in the forest placed a hat on my head. I almost jumped out of my chair when it started speaking to me. A couple moments later, it yelled Gryffindor. I didn't understand what it meant. But then, the man explained a couple things to me. He told me that I was at a school called Hogwarts. I was in a house called Gryffindor, where the bravest of students are put. I would be taking classes with other students in Gryffindor, along with students from other houses. I knew this year would be confusing, but I would learn to understand. Hopefully.

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