A girl finds herself trapped in a castle after a war hit her home. She can't remember anything. Can she learn to make friends with a war raging?


4. Quidditch Practice

      I woke up the next morning excited for my first quidditch practice. I quickly put on my quidditch practice uniform, and grabbed my Firebolt. I bolted to the pitch, and met Oliver Wood and the rest of the team there. Ron's older brothers, the Weasley twins, Fred and George were beaters, 3 girls who I didn't know were chasers, and Oliver was keeper. I got into my position, and we soon started. I zoomed after the snitch, and soon caught it. I was bombarded with praises from the team, and then we all left to go to our classes.


Author's Note: Sorry for the short chapters. This is my first ever Movella and I'm not used to writing for an audience. As I said, hopefully I'll be able to make this story a bit better.

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