A girl finds herself trapped in a castle after a war hit her home. She can't remember anything. Can she learn to make friends with a war raging?


3. My First Class

      I was given a schedule for my first week. First, I would have a flying lesson with the Slytherins. I would learn how to fly a broomstick, and I might be in Quidditch. I couldn't wait. That night, I changed into my nightgown. As I was changing, I remembered my name. My name is Alicia Potter. I also remembered my twin brother, Harry. I told the professors this in the morning, and they let me go and change into my robes and go to my lesson.

       I rushed into the courtyard, and stood by a broom. I did as I was told. We were to stick our hand out above our broom, and say up. I did this, and my broom immediately flew into my hand. My brother, who had also been with me when I told the professors, praised me after his flew into his hand. " The Potters have done it!" Madam Hooch told the class. The boy, who I learned was named Draco Malfoy, kept staring at me. I watched as Neville Longbottom, a Gryffindor, flew up into the air after losing control of his broom. I raced onto my broom, and grabbed him and pulled him onto my broom. I was praised by the professors who had been called outside, for my act of bravery. McGonagall rushed me to another class, where she pulled Oliver Wood, and told him she had found him a new seeker. He practiced with me, and I went to the Great Hall for dinner. I sat next to Harry and his friends, Hermione and Ron, and we spoke and laughed. This year would be a good one.

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