Life Force (L x Reader)

You are a successful detective from England raised in an orphanage around the same time L Lawliet was. Of course you didn't know he was going to be the world's smartest detective, and you usually didn't communicate with others. Years later you are rated in the top 5 smartest detectives under the Alias 'X', and are working with a taskforce in catching Kira, (just yourself) located in Japan.


1. Mitsuko, you will die...

L's P.O.V

A large 'W' appeared on the small computer screen in front of me.

"Yes Watari?" I asked.

"We have gotten a message from someone going by the alias 'X', it was sent directly to you and the task force," Watari replied. "I'll stream it to you"

There was a large gothic X on a plain, white background.
"Hello L, I am X, I am part of a taskforce for catching Kira, I presume you have already guessed that it is not located in Japan, and you are correct. When I say taskforce, I am talking about me alone, and yet, I have gotten further in this case than I am guessing you have. I am 34% certain that you have come into contact with Kira, and L, I know who you are, not your name, but your face. I promise you L. Your taskforce alone will not catch Kira as I presume you are from Wammy's House, nobody else there is. So I am asking you now, L. Stay away from my case. I can catch him alone." Said a monotone voice.

"What?, who is this?, what do they mean by Wammy's House?" Mr Matsuda exclaimed.

"Watari, do they have an address code? I want to send them a message" I asked.

"Yes, of course L" Watari replied


You sat on the floor of your almost empty apartment, you were moving apartments again like you did every month. It cost a lot of money but you couldn't risk having your area revealed. Of course you had to move, you had just sent L that message, he was going to send you one back to this address, not long after and then request to meet you in person. After that, he is going to send someone else to see if you were trustworthy. If your decided as not trustworthy, you would get one last message. If your decided as trustworthy, he would send himself to meet you in person and steal your evidence before leaving you to rot. Just like everyone else.
You heard a thud by the front door, you had mail in a brown sealed envelope. There was just your address written on it with a stamp, not anything else. You opened it and a tape and letter with two sentences fell out.

'Who are you X? How do you know about Wammy's?' Was all that was written.

 You played the tape, a white background with a gothic L written in black on it.
"Hello X, as you know by now, I am L. I would like to meet up with you. As I am aware, you are not part of Japan's taskforce in finding Kira, but you are located in Japan. In fact, you are located only a couple of hours away from our taskforce. I would like to meet in Sakura park two days from the day sent it, you know when. To know who I am, the park will be blocked off at the sakura tree forest. Come there and then you will find me. My name is Hideki Ryuga. Also, I must ask, how do you know about Wammy's House?, Good bye X"

You knew it. You knew he would want to meet you, I mean, why wouldn't he. A smart person claiming to know stuff about the Kira case, and knows about Wammy's House,I mean, you were a perfect candidate for L's taskforce. You weren't as smart as him, but you could easily catch Kira alone. Though you hadn't gotten any new leads in a while, and working with him could get you illegal information legally and come so much closer to catching Kira.
You grabbed your video camera and recorded a video to L.

L's P.O.V

Watari's familiar W appeared on my computer screen, before he even had a chance to say anything I cut in.

"Did he respond?" I asked.

"Yes, I am streaming the video to you now" Said Watari's voice.

The same gothic X appeared on the screen followed by the similar, monotone voice.

"I accept your request to meet, we shall meet on May 24th at 7:30pm, I am going by the name Ayana Misako, I know about Wammy's house for a reason that is not to be known by you until I can confirm 100% that you are L, if I am not greeted by 8:00pm, I am leaving, and you will not be able to send messages to me, we will stay out of contact until Kira is caught, if I come to believe that you are not L, then I promise you L, that you never learn about my knowledge of Wammys. Or the fact I know about Near and Mello. Or about Watari, Goodbye L" said the monotone voice.

Damn it X, I was originally going to send a stand in but damn her, if she knows about Wammy's then there's a 67% chance she went there, and if she did, she will know that's it not me. If I lose connection with her, then there's a good chance she'll catch Kira, or get information that we wouldn't find for a few weeks. Ugh, goddamn her, I need some strawberry cake.

"So L, uh, Ryuzaki, what are you going to do?" Aizawa asked.

"Well, Aizawa, I'm going obviously" I said sitting in my usual sitting position.

"But what if this is Kira, trying to get you to leave so the second Kira can see your face"

"Its logical thinking Mr Aizawa, but I believe she is not Kira," I said, before mumbling off, "She knows about Wammys House"


It was the 23rd of May, you hadn't got a response from L, he must've noticed that you were a member of Wammys House by now. If not, than he must be a lot less smart than lived up too. You sat alone on the floor of your now completely empty apartment, besides your laptop and sheets of paper covered in facts about Kira. You left your apartment in a baggy pyjama top and green jeans with black trainers. You went to the cafe to pick up a coffee, the world is empty and quiet but nobody deserves die, no matter what, the worst criminals are the ones who take the lives of another. You promised Kira that you would catch him.
You got to the coffee shop and order a weak coffee with a lot of milk
 and too much sugar to count. The cashier looked at you confused, but she didn't doubt you. You sat at an empty table in the back covered in shadows.

"Who are you Kira?" You wondered.

You took a sip of the piping hot coffee, the melted sugar in the warm liquid was so delicious. You knew sugar was bad for you, but it was so tasty and as long as you use your brain, you burn calories.

MAY 24th

You wore the same thing you did always, you couldn't be bothered dressing up. To be honest, you didn't even feel honoured, you were going to meet a detective that robbed you of first place smartest detective. You had been waiting for 3 minutes when a raven-haired man with a baggy, white top and baggy, blue pants approached you. He was wearing slippers and was messing around with his top lip with his thumb.

"Ayana Misako," he said, "I suppose you've guessed who I am already,"

"Hideki Ryuga, well of course, that's not your real name" you replied smugly, " I want to ask you some questions, but I suppose I should talk about Wammy's"

"Please do"

"As I'm certain you've guessed I came from Wammy's"p


"I was placed there for six years after the death of my mother, who died of cancer, and death of my father who died 5 months before I was born, he passed from being shot. I was top of my class until I got placed in Wammy's"

"Yes, oh, and I'm sorry for your loss..."

"Don't be nice, Lawliet"

"How do you know my second name?"

"Well, that's because, we at Wammy's together, we didn't speak, but I could recognize your laziness from your first broadcast when you were challenging Kira to kill you, plus L, if you do not recognize me its no surprise, I'm going by a different name, my hair is different, and my alias is different"

"I'm sorry Ayana~Chan, I don't remember you"

"I did say you wouldn't, now, about Kira, who are your suspects?"

"We just have one, Light Yagami, but he is almost cleared"

"Almost? So he still has some suspicion against him?"

"Yes, but he seems innocent, too innocent"


You stood around for a while, L seemed to be off on his own state so you just thought. Nothing in particular just thoughts.


Why, why do I trust her so much? She could be Kira for all I know, yet, I trust her. I've just given her the name of a member of our taskforce to a complete stranger for no reason. For some reason, I just trust her, it's so strange, but she seems innocent, I just want to believe her, even if it gets me killed.


"You can trust me, Ryuga" you said, almost reading his mind.

"Hmm?" L replied, not sure of what you said.

"I said you can trust me,"

"I feel like I can, but how can I tell your not Kira, Kira is smart and so always thinks ahead, the whole reason I'm here is because of your planning ahead, just like Kira"

You raised your hand in the shape of a gun pretending to have a gun, you made your 'gun' shoot.

"Bang," you replied, "If I were Kira you'd be dead,"

"We've established Kira can kill with a name and face, you know my face, but not my real name" L replied smugly.

"Oh Ryuga, if I were Kira, Nate Rivers and Miheal Keehl would be dead, if I wanted to get rid of you, I'd start with your successors, "

"Speaking of which, how do you know about them?"

You shrugged, "I just do"

"Your making yourself look guilty"

You shrugged again, "I don't care, I know I'm not Kira, and you might too, probably, if your as smart as they say you are"

"You seem so mysterious,"

"I am, every month a different name, make-up look, pyjamas set, hairstyles, but I remain as X, but I need to ask you Ryuga, stay away from my case"

"Your case? I have permission from the U.S government to run this case" 

"So do I, I have permission from the president himself"

"What, but that's impossible"

"There is a killer who kills people with heart attacks, nothing is impossible"

"I've been meaning to ask you, Ayana~Chan, join us, work with us, we could use our brains and catch Kira"

"Ryuga, I can't work, but I want to"

"I'm sorry, I got excited, I haven't been excited since Kira started killing"

"Its ok, here, have my new address and other phone number if you want to send me anything, send it to this address"

You handed him a piece of wrinkled paper with an address for a small apartment close to the taskforce headquarters and a phone number.

"How can I convince you?" L asked.

"If Watari can remember my name, I will join the taskforce and help you" you replied.

"Thank you Ayana~Chan"

"Your welcome Ryuga"

"Well yes"

"Now I must go, it's becoming the end of the month, I need to change, good bye L"

"Goodbye X"


I walked back to my hotel room, I walked up the stairs and the taskforce was waiting for me, not surprising though, I just me someone very interesting, more interesting than I suspected. I want her to join the taskforce, she's smart and can help us immensely, but she's so mysterious, I don't what I'm feeling, but I'm sure it'll come to me.

"So, how did it go?" Matsuda asked joyfully.

"It could've have gone better," I replied, "Call Watari"

"Ok, what happened?"

"She's not going to join, until Watari remembers her name"

"Watari, why?"

"I'm not sure Mr Matsuda"

Matsuda called Watari, I sat in my usual position messing with my top lip. I got a slice of strawberry cake and ate it quickly, I know I can count on Watari to help me. He always has. Matsuda passed me the the phone.

"Watari, do you remember a child called Ayana Misako from Wammy's?" I asked almost desperately, "Also known as X"

"L, what is this?" Watari asked confused, "X, Ayana Misako"

"Please Watari"

"L, I'm not sure, hmm, Koya, Akyo, Yako, Yoka, Kayo, Ayko, hmm Ayko"


"Ayko, (F/N) (L/N)?" 


"(F/N) yes, of course, (F/N) (L/N), the second successor to the one before you, though she was too quiet, you won't remember her"

"You remember her?"

"Yes, is that all you needed?"

"Yes, thank you Watari"

"Yes, well goodbye L"

(F/N) (L/N) what a pretty name, I like it, X, I know who you are, but  why can't I remember you? We must've have had to spoken if we were the two successors for V (The L before L, not real). She remembers me, but I have no recollection of her, I'm sorry (F/N).

JUNE 1st

You hadn't gotten anything from L, you were thinking about nothing really. Your 3rd phone started ringing.

"Oh L, you called" you said honestly surprised.

"Uhuh, your name is (F/N)(L/N)" he said.

"Lawliet, but I'm guessing you still don't remember me"

"I'm sorry (L/N)~Chan"

"Ayana, please, you and Watari, and probably your taskforce, have to keep my name a secret"

"Its just me and Watari, will you join our taskforce?"

"I promised I guess"

"Great, I will send you the location"

"Ok, great"

He sent you the location a you walked up to his hotel room, you knocked on the door and a man answered.

"Hello" he said"You must be Ayana Misako, I am Aizawa,"

"Call me Mitsuko while we're here" you replied, "It means child of light"

"Of course, come in"

You followed Aizawa into the room there were other people in there, L was sat strangely and wasn't wearing socks or shoes. There was a strange student stood up, that is Kira. You can just tell that he's Kira.

"Hello, I'm Light Yagami" he said noticing I was looking at him.

He's the only suspect of L.

"Mitsuko, nice to meet you, Kira"

He reacted like any human would, scared out of his mind, he was good at acting, but the best detective should be able to tell the difference.

"Kira?" He asked scared." You think I'm Kira?"

"Yes, Light, I do" you replied.

"How do I know your not Kira?"

"If I were Kira everyone in this room par L would be dead, since I don't know his name"

"Yes, but you could just saying that to throw us off"

"L and Watari trust me"

"Could be a mistake, and I don't"

"I know I'm not Kira, so you can't claim I'm guilty"


Goddamn this Mitsuko woman, I'll have to eliminate her before she becomes too much of a threat. But Mitsuko is obviously an alias, and so is Ayana Misako, that's a famous painter, and if I kill the painter, I'll get suspected even more as Kira. If it is her real name then if she dies after saying I am Kira, I will get suspected. This is the same thing L did. 
Mitsuko, you will die.








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