Starting Over

Ashley was a normal girl. Until her 16 birthday. When a miracle, or a curse, happens to be placed upon her, she is instantly popular. But then she learns some things about her past that freak her out. And suddenly, the hottest guy in school was interested in her. She also was depressed at the time. AND her best friend had confessed her feelings for her.How can she deal with so much at one time?


2. Suprise!

    "Ashley," I heard Mom call my name. I walked downstairs, putting in my last earring. "Yes, Momma?" "We have something to tell you.." I took this as a bad sign. I sat down at the stools by the island. Slowly I asked, "Momma, whats wrong?" She waited a few minutes before continuing. "Well, this is something very important. I don't want you to freak out. There is two parts. First, our ancestors.... Well, they, um, they had powers, sort of," With that last part, she said it so quickly I almost didn't hear her. Almost. 

      "Wait. Your'e joking, right?" She shook her head no. "You will acquire some things. Such as, mind reading. And a few other things, but we'll talk about that later." Just then, Dad walked into the kitchen. He glanced at us, then grabbed a bag of chips and a bottled water. He walked out, without even glancing at us.  I looked at Mom, expecting to see a joking look in her eyes, but it was serious. "I really have powers?" "You were born with them. You just didn't know yet. But, your father and I have chosen to send you to a camp to help you discover them and help you control them." "Okay... Whats the second part?" I was way to confused I was about to tell her that but she began. "That was it. You will be leaving the day after school gets out." At this, my jaw dropped open. She walked off and I asked if I could tell Jenny my best friend. She replied with yes. 

      "Wow. So you can read my mind right now?" I sighed, having to explain to Jenny again that I didn't know how. "No, but...." "But, what?" I inhaled before continuing, "I'm going to a camp for a year... Starting next Saturday." 

      I braced myself for a scream but all that happened was she asked me, "Right after we get out of school? Wow. That sucks. And I'm gonna miss ya." "Me too. But promise you won't forget me." "Promise."

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