Starting Over

Ashley was a normal girl. Until her 16 birthday. When a miracle, or a curse, happens to be placed upon her, she is instantly popular. But then she learns some things about her past that freak her out. And suddenly, the hottest guy in school was interested in her. She also was depressed at the time. AND her best friend had confessed her feelings for her.How can she deal with so much at one time?


6. Sunrises, Promises and Her..

     "Wow. Its-Its beautiful." He laughed, softly, before responding, "Almost as beautiful as you, love." I gave him a hug, hanging on a few more seconds than I should've.  "Wow. You give really long hugs," He chuckled, my face turning beet red. I let him go, sitting down on the blanket he laid down. "Why don't we enjoy the warm water and the sunset for awhile," He said, staring into my eyes, as I felt as if my emotions might explode with love and happiness. "Sure." I was borderline freaking out, because he starting toward the water. "Wait... I don't have a bathing suit. Evan," I called after him. He laughed. "So what? Neither do I," I stared at him. I heard my phone buzz. I answered the call from an unknown number. "Hello?" Pause. "Yes. This is she. How can I Help you?" The guy or who ever it was said, "Look. I want you to meet me somewhere. Tomorrow night. At Bully Burger. Come alone. Or else. They will die." My eyes went wide. "Who would die?" I couldn't believe this. "Evan."

   After the person, who I decided to call Dirty Bum Man, hung up, I walked up to Evan. "Hey," I said softly, "Make me a promise." He looked confused, "Yeah.. No, Sure. What is it?" I took a deep breath, "Don't get to attached to me, Okay?" Evan looked as if I had shot him, 37 times. "I don't think--" He was cut off by a loud scream. My eyes darted  to the source of the scream. I realized that scream came from the car. I ran to it. I forgot about hiding my powers, mainly my super speed. Well, forget it. Evan will survive. When I got to where I heard the noise, I saw something that scarred me for life. A young girl was crying out, clearly in pain. She had black lines wrapped around her. Her eyes were completely black. She looked familiar. "Mom," I choked out, dropping to my knees. "Run. Don't ever come back," Her voice was hoarse. I saw her eyes roll back. I cried out, and then Evan was at my side. "Oh, Ashley, lets go. I'm gonna call the police." I stood up. "No. This is nothing they can handle. Come on, I have some explaining to do."

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