Starting Over

Ashley was a normal girl. Until her 16 birthday. When a miracle, or a curse, happens to be placed upon her, she is instantly popular. But then she learns some things about her past that freak her out. And suddenly, the hottest guy in school was interested in her. She also was depressed at the time. AND her best friend had confessed her feelings for her.How can she deal with so much at one time?


4. Senior year.....

    On my first day back,at school, rumors were brewing. Some people thought that I was in jail. Others, thankfully, thought that I had took a year off and went to a college. Everyone's eyes followed me down the halls, acting like I was a piece of eye candy. "Ooooh. Look at that smexy thang," I heard one of the boys say. Needless to turn out, it was  Josh. The Josh. Wow. He had gotten way more hotter than the last time I saw him. "Hey, Josh." Josh made a phone out of his hand and mouthed, "Call me." Just then, as I nodded my head, I ran into another guy. "Oh my, I am so ever sorry, love," I instantly noted that a really effing hot BRITISH guy was at my school. I managed to choke out, "Its fine. And I'm sorry. It was my fault." He laughed, and so did I. "Oh. Where are my manners? My name is Evan. Whats your name?" Evan. Is. So. Frigging. Hot. "Mines Ashley." "Nice to meet you. Oh and here," He said, handing me a slip of paper, "Call me, goodbye now, love."  I stood there shocked, and turned around, only to find Josh, starting to lean towards me. Then.... He kissed me. Josh just kissed me. And it was wrong. I didn't like it. I shoved him away yelling, "Get the fuck off of me, Josh! What the hell!?!" He walked off, looking rather amused with himself. I stalked off to my next class.

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