Starting Over

Ashley was a normal girl. Until her 16 birthday. When a miracle, or a curse, happens to be placed upon her, she is instantly popular. But then she learns some things about her past that freak her out. And suddenly, the hottest guy in school was interested in her. She also was depressed at the time. AND her best friend had confessed her feelings for her.How can she deal with so much at one time?


5. Party?? Prom??

      I called Evan as soon as I got home. "Hey, love." "Hey, Evan." We talked for hours upon hours. Until, he asked me a question.... "I know that we just met, but I want to ask you a question... Will you come to my party, on Saturday, and.... Will you go to prom with me?" I dropped my phone, then picked up. "Yes! A thousand times yes!" I was so happy!

    After we hung up, he said that he loves me, which I said back, I went and told my parents all about him. "He sounds very nice. Wanna invite him to dinner?" I was way to happy. Almost too good to be true. The next thing I know, my phone is floating out of my back pocket and into my hand. Then, it dials his number. Then, its against my ear. My parents watched in awe. I didn't use my powers ever before around them. Their expressions were funny. I giggled, and the heard Evan's voice.

     Evan came over for dinner and a movie. "We had a wonderful time in Spain. You should really visit there. It is very beautiful, but not as beautiful as Ashley." When he said that, my mom and dad smiled, and I blushed, while thanking him.

We ended up watching Dear John, mainly because he had never seen it, and wanted to. Mom and Dad went to lay down, claiming that they were tired. Evan and I watched about half the movie, before, he whispered in to my ear, "I've actually seen the movie. Its really good, I just wanna spend more tie with you, love." With that, he pulled me to my feet, and said, "Follow me, love." I slipped on some shoes, and then he lead me out the door, and to his car. We got in. And he drove. And drove. And drove some more. I must've fallen asleep, because, when I opened my eyes, I saw a wonderful sunrise.

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