Starting Over

Ashley was a normal girl. Until her 16 birthday. When a miracle, or a curse, happens to be placed upon her, she is instantly popular. But then she learns some things about her past that freak her out. And suddenly, the hottest guy in school was interested in her. She also was depressed at the time. AND her best friend had confessed her feelings for her.How can she deal with so much at one time?


1. 16th birthday


     "Dear God! I can't believe that you're turning 16!" I laughed, having heard this 16 different times throughout my life. I looked in the mirror one last time, checking my outfit and makeup one last time. I ran downstairs, which is kinda hard to do in high heels. I smelled my favorite, pears in oatmeal, and bacon. I smiled and hugged Dad. "Good morning, Ashley. Happy birthday." I replied, "Thanks, Dad. Is the food done yet?" He laughed before continuing, "Yes but, someone called earlier."  I smiled, and ran to the home phone. I had my own phone, but I don't give out my number to just anyone. Also, we are in the phone book. I mean, my dad owns the newest smart phone company, ISmarts. I grabbed the phone up, and looked at recent calls, and screamed. I recognized the number, it was the hottest guys in school, Josh, whom I've had a crush on forever. I called the number back. On the 3rd ring someone picked up. I was smiling as I said, "Um... Someone called me from this number earlier." I waited for what felt like 3 years, for someone to speak up. It was Josh. 

               My heart was pounding in my chest, because of what he asked me. "Your birthday is today, right? 'Cause I was wondering, if maybe, like, we could hang out or something." "Yeah. Sure." I was surprised by how easily the words came to me. I thought that this could be the beginning of a wonderful thing.


               After an hour or something, I had changed my outfit 5 different times, until I decided to ask my mom for help. I mean, come on, she was a fashion designer. I had finally chosen a mini skirt and a long sleeve shirt, mainly because I had to hid the scars on my wrist. Although, the shirt matched the skirt I felt silly about it. I mean, he shouldn't care. After all, before he'd hardly noticed me. Which lead me to the question, Why was he so interested in me now? Of all times? Why now?


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