The tale that's old as time

Bell and the beast are in school!

wait what?

its b& the b in modern time.


11. the truth may be a shock

Fea's pov

" so one day Prince Adam got a visitor. an old woman who needed a place to stay. this was a test from the magic realm that have hated his bloodline scene the stone age,but we didn't know it at the time, well Adam had been selfish and told her to be on her way, turns out this old woman was a witch. and she cursed him and his castle to what we are now and to be this way till the last petal of an enchanted rose fall's if not found the way to love and freedom we shall be banished to the nether-land realm. there is only one way to save us, the one true love of his can find the spell book and recover a freedom spell. but the words are in ancient language." 


as i finish the story i could see her feel sorry for us. she could be the one, before , the others would cower and run  when they woke up, never to be seen again. but her she stayed and she is curios. maybeat last we can be free. 

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