The tale that's old as time

Bell and the beast are in school!

wait what?

its b& the b in modern time.


3. the new school



i stayed up late last nigh reading the first book of HP, after i finished it was 3 am so i sleepped for 4 hours. i woke up and got dressed. (into pic) i go down stairs and dad is not up. i pack my lunch and by bag. i head into the garage to get my bike and sure enough there is my papa,asleep at his desk. i put my lunch and bag in the basket of my bike and head over to papa. i find a blanket and wrap it around him. them i get on my bike and and road to school. it was easy to find. the big castle ways away from town but visible from town. 


i head into the office and get my schedule. 

1.) ELA-Mrs. Norris. (haha ELA teacher has the same name as the cat in HP) 

room 208(8:10-9:10)

2.) Honors Math- Mr.Pro 

room 101(9:15-10:15)

3.) ELECTIVE-book club

room 100(10:20-11:20)

4.) LUNCH 11:25-12:00 (mess hall)

5.) History of book biographies-Mr. Rim

room 209(12:05-1:05)

6.)Chemistry-Mr. Ny (sounds like Nye but isn't)

room 201(1:10-2:10)

so i followed the room numbers and did well today. i hated lunch cause sure enough Gaston goes to my school. thank god he isn't in any of my classes. and thank god i only have 3 months left before i go off to college. i go home and read the book for book club, Romeo and Juliet,even though its something to study as a freshman but okay. after i shower, eat dinner and ready my stuff for tomorrow i fall asleep reading R and J. 


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