The tale that's old as time

Bell and the beast are in school!

wait what?

its b& the b in modern time.


12. the beast

belle's pov

after i heared the truth i felt sorry for him. " what would you like to do" ask's Fea. " i..i.. would like to meet him" i say. all i hear is a gasp. " are you sure?" and we headed back to the classroom. Chip and the teacher were there but no Adam. " well hello there you must be Belle, i'm Mr.Agee." says the teacher. " and i'm Chip. its nice to finnally meet someone new." Chip says.  " well hello there." i say and give them my all american smile. the fea says, "she would like to meet master Adam."  they both gasp.  and stare @ me. then Fea,Chip,and Mr.Agee huddled up and taked to them selves. they thought they were quiet enough but no. "she could be the one" Mr.Agee said. "i know, she stayed" Fea said. " could this mean we could be free? chip asks. theb the stoped and returned to what they were doing. " ok well Fea could you go get adam and tell him classes are on. 


after a while he comes in. suprised to see me. he walks up to me. he smiles" i hope you wont mind me staying a little bit longer." i say " i'm guessing you like it here?" he asks. " its a very beautiful castle" i say.  "i know, it been in my bloodline for millions of year."  " thats amaizing."   "well, please explore, but stay out of the south side." he says and heads to a table. i sat down next to chip. 


the classes were not that bad.unles you are easile madden buy ruddness. Gosh, Adam is so rude. uuuurrrrrggggghhhh. and before we left the classroom,Mr.Agee said "don't forget that the ball is coming up in three days." and we left. 

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