The tale that's old as time

Bell and the beast are in school!

wait what?

its b& the b in modern time.


7. shhh. someone's here

I was in my room trying to find a spell to reverse this. when i hear Mrs.Potts talking to someone. ?whatsgoingon?whoishere?  "there are too sets of dorms. one's on the south side, thats to the left and the other is on the right the north, thats where you will be seeing. you have classes from 10 -2 and then a 2 hour break then 3 more classes from 4-6 then the rest of the evening is up to you. but the curfue is 11:30. " Mrs.Potts says. i head out to the stairs. staying tin the dark. it a girl. the has long curly brown hair and dresses in a top and skirt with flats. i see a book hanging in her bag. she likes books. hope Mrs.Potts shows her the library. she'll freak. then she looks over at me and i think she spotted me but i notice she isn't looking at me but just this direction. i really look at her she is. beautiful. i cant. wait to meat her. 

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