The tale that's old as time

Bell and the beast are in school!

wait what?

its b& the b in modern time.


17. bell of the ball

after i took a shower and got dressed(pic) i headed down stairs. and to the dinning hall. we get to eat before we dance. thank gosh. chip was their with Fea. o-m-g!! she is wearing

and is sitting next to chip. Adam is siting on the end. i sit next to him. "hello Adam you look lovely"   " um......thank you look...(gazes down at me).. beautiful" he says.  as we eat we talk about all sorts of things, from school to  french history. when we finish we head to the ball room. damn it HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i sit on a bench and watch fea and chip dance. then Adam comes up to me. "would you like to dance" he asks i nod. we bow then start. it was magical. the song was beautiful. its called beauty and the beast. ha seams fitting. after we dance he leads me to his room. we head onto the balcony. i take a glance at the rose. 5 petals are left. "here i want you to have this, its a magical mirror. ask it anything and it will show you what you want." he says and hands me a hand heald mirror. " show me my father" i say. and it shows me my father. he's laying in bed. he coughs and a woman apears, wearing a nurses outfit. oh no. he's sick. " please i have to go to him . he's  ill.


he looks hurt. "as you wish" he says. i grab my cape and head to the stables. grab a horse and road off. then i see Gaston. " believe me the old tale's are true, the beast is alive." he says. i can't worry about that right now. i get home and he is asleep. i go and talk with the nurse. he's getting better but there is a chance he could die. then i see Gaston coming towards my house. i head out. "there she is, she lives in that castle with the beast, isn't that right bell." he says " he's not a beast he's kind and big hearted, like us" i say then someone pushes me down, the mirror falls in front of Gaston. he picks it up. "whats this, i bet its a magic mirror." he says and stares at him self in the mirror. then a pitchfork is at my neck. "how do you use it."  he says " ask it to show you what ever you want and it will" i say.    he looks at the mirror and says " show me the beast" he says and Adam apears on the screen. he's starring at the rose.a petal falls.  " lets get him!!!!!!!" Gaston shouts. 




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