The tale that's old as time

Bell and the beast are in school!

wait what?

its b& the b in modern time.


10. and it all started with a big bang

Mr. Agee was about to go look for the new girl. when she came in. she had a hard time with the door. i look at her. brown hair, well exercised, she looks like a book worm, sh'e beautiful.then she looks at Mr.Agee then Chip then me. the gasped and a moment later she fainted. we rushed to her side. then Mr.Agee told chip to take her to Fea , the castle care taker and nurse. it looked like she was too big for him to carry her. but he was able to do it. " she may be the one, Adam. please don't push her away like everyone else. " Mr.Agee said. " she fainted like all the others, she is disgusted with me."  " you don't know that. she could be the one to lift the curse. to find that book and read it." by this i shut him out and left. i stopped by Fea's office, hiding in the shadows, she stirs and wakes up. " who was that?" she ask's Fea when she appears.  "what is going on here? " she asks. Fea looks my way, how did she know?, i nod. and Fea tells her the truth. i leave, knowing she'll want nothing to do with me. 

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