Lycan Princess

All these insults have been thrown at 19 year old Destinee Davis. She is the daughter of Alpha Myrix. Yes, their Alpha is a female. Her mother hides secrets about her father and her race. She barely even talks about him and when Destinee was young her mother forced her to become a rouge, along with her siblings.This has turned Destinee cold, distant, and unforgiving. She only cares about her survival and no one else, but her younger twin siblings Ashley and Ashton. Her older twin Jonah left years ago. Her pack has left her so broken she does't even want a mate.
Corwyn Stone is the 20 year old Alpha of the BlackCrest Pack. He has been searching for his mate. What happens when he finds out his mate is cold and distant also the future Queen of the Lycan race? Will he be the one to melt and mend her frozen heart or will he break it?
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10. Tiaras, Lycans, and Blood

Chapter 10- Tiaras,Lycans, and Blood

-Destinee P.O.V-

I wake up. I am in a bed. I look around frantically. I sit up. My arms and legs are not chained. Umm ok? Isn't it true when you get kidnapped your in a dirty, unsanitary room and not a 5 star room? I pinch myself. Oh I'm not dreaming. I walk to the door. It is unlocked. OK this is good but creepy. Where are the lasers? The thrill of escape? I shrug and walk down the hallway. I see a pathway of candles. I follow it into a room. The vampire that kidnapped me is talking to a older werewolf on the throne. The two look at me. I look like the male which is odd because I don't know him.

"Hello daughter long time no see" says the male

"P-Papa?" I whisper

I look at him more clearly. He hasn't changed. His kind eyes are the same. He is toned and strong.

"Forgive Lucas for being rough handling a delicate flower like you" says father glaring at the vampire

Lucas holds his head down. I shrug.

"So why am I here? I am suppose to be back with my mate" I say

"Love you are the Lycan Princess" he says

I gasp as he puts a tiara on my head. A memory comes back.


" Do you promise to serve and protect your race as a Princess?" asked the werewolf Pope

"I do" I said confidently

I turn around and hold the legendary sword of my father.

"All gathered here today. I present Princess Destinee Ramona Mariana Rosealina Rodriguez Stone"

The people began cheering.

"Connor?" I say refering to the Vampire

"Hi Dessy" he says meekly while smiling


2 months later....

-Jackson P.O.V-

The Luna has been missing for 2 months. The Alpha has started going on a rampage. Ashley has locked herself up and stopped eating same for Ashton. My mate is in pain and I haven't comforted her because she is shutting me out.  I sigh. I hear the Alpha howl in pain.

" GO THE FUCK AWAY LAPIS!!" I hear Corwyn yell

I run over to see the commotion. Lapis is trying to kiss Corwyn. Keyword 'trying'. As she pecks his lips he flings her off of him. She screams in pain as she hits the wall. Corwyn looks deadly. His fangs sharp. His eyes pitch black and his claws enlongned. I gulp at this. I drag Lapis and put her in the cells. She curls up in a ball and cries.

-Destinee P.O.V-

Right now I am crying my eyeballs out. I have a blanket around me and eating from a tub of ice cream. I eat my favorite ice creams Mint Chocolate and Neapolitan. Connor and Father looks at me weirdly. A woman comes in and looks at me worried.

"My Lord?" she says curtsying

"Yes Linda" says Father

"How long has her Highness been from her mate?" asks Linda

"2 months" he says

I whimper at that. Her eyes widen in shock. Since coming here my belly has gotten bigger.

" I'm sorry for me being so blunt but.... WHAT THE FUDGE!! She is having a hormonial inbalance from being with her mate! She needs to go to her mate! What rank is your mate?" she rants and then looks at me.

"Alpha" I say looking down

She gasps and yells "Alphas are the most possessive, clingy ass mates ever! They need their mate beside them or else they will throw a fit or go on a rampage!"

My father cowers at her voice. I stand. I wince and clutch my belly.

'Corwyn?' I whisper through the link

'Dessy!' he shouts back 'where are you? are you ok?who do i need to kill?'

I chuckle through the link 'No one love. I'm coming home soon'

I look around me. My knees feels weak and my body is on fire. I whimper in pain. All I see is blood and red spots.

"Destinee!" is all I hear before darkness consumes me.....



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