Lycan Princess

All these insults have been thrown at 19 year old Destinee Davis. She is the daughter of Alpha Myrix. Yes, their Alpha is a female. Her mother hides secrets about her father and her race. She barely even talks about him and when Destinee was young her mother forced her to become a rouge, along with her siblings.This has turned Destinee cold, distant, and unforgiving. She only cares about her survival and no one else, but her younger twin siblings Ashley and Ashton. Her older twin Jonah left years ago. Her pack has left her so broken she does't even want a mate.
Corwyn Stone is the 20 year old Alpha of the BlackCrest Pack. He has been searching for his mate. What happens when he finds out his mate is cold and distant also the future Queen of the Lycan race? Will he be the one to melt and mend her frozen heart or will he break it?
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8. Rise of a Luna

-Destinee P.O.V-

2 months later...

I was going to the office to see Corwyn when I heard two voices.

"You must leave Lisa"


"Yes, you are disturbing the peace"

"Whatever, son I am staying here no matter what"

Then Corwyn does the unthinkable. He begins whimpering and pouting. I feel really sorry for him so I go in. His eyes are threatening tears.

"I belive your Alpha told you to leave" I said

She looks at me and scoffs. I grab her by the collar.

" OK Ms.I-Wanna-Be-Beat-Up!" I yell throwing her into a chair.

I am getting really angry so I look her in her dumb-founded face.

"Lets get this straight Ms. you are on my territory. You disrespected me more than once. You disrespected my mate, MY Alpha, and your Alpha now. So you and your bitchy ways are getting off my land mkay?" I say

" JACKSON!" I yell

Jackson comes running in. I nod over towards the former Luna smirking.

"With pleasure" he says grabbing her pulling her out

I look at Corwyn

"Thank you" he says meekly" Sorry for being a weak p-"

I cut him off by getting in his lap and kissing him. He smiles weakly. I go to the restroom. My stomach feels weird. I open the lid of the toilet and vomit. The horrid smell reaches my nose it makes me vomit more. I sigh. I flush the toilet and being to wash my hands.

"Awww someone isn't well" says a gruff male voice.

I spin around to see a blonde haired male smirking at me. His fangs visible. Wait, FANGS!?! He is a vampire. My eyes widen. I throw a rock at him. He superspeeds towards me and pins me.

"You'e coming with me your Highness" he says, smirking


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