Lycan Princess

All these insults have been thrown at 19 year old Destinee Davis. She is the daughter of Alpha Myrix. Yes, their Alpha is a female. Her mother hides secrets about her father and her race. She barely even talks about him and when Destinee was young her mother forced her to become a rouge, along with her siblings.This has turned Destinee cold, distant, and unforgiving. She only cares about her survival and no one else, but her younger twin siblings Ashley and Ashton. Her older twin Jonah left years ago. Her pack has left her so broken she does't even want a mate.
Corwyn Stone is the 20 year old Alpha of the BlackCrest Pack. He has been searching for his mate. What happens when he finds out his mate is cold and distant also the future Queen of the Lycan race? Will he be the one to melt and mend her frozen heart or will he break it?
***This is on Wattpad***


6. Mating

"WAKE UP!" yells Lauren

I groan and smack her with a pillow

"YOU did not just do that" she says shocked and then evilly smirks

I shrug and look at the out fit in her hand.

"NO" is all I can say

I groan and unwillingly put it on

"SHOPPING SPREE!!!" shouts Deborah running in

We soon are  parked in 'Victoria Secrets' ' . 

"HELL NO!" I yell at them

"Awwww pwease" says Deborah with puppy eyes

"Fine" I say

We walk in. We find a cute black bra and pantie lingerie set.

"YASSS! Girllll if I was a lesbian I would totally mate with you" jokes Lauren

I see Deborah shift uncomfortably when she says this. I see her look at Paige for a second and then look back. We soon are back at the pack and I'm in the room. I take a shower, do my  make-up, and put the set on. Corwyn soon comes in and he looks lustfully at me. I bit my lips and twirl my hips a little.

He grabs me by my waist and kisses my neck. He finds my sweet spot and I gasp. My wolf is purring.

" I find it interesting that female wolves purr" he whispers in my ear.

I push him on the bed. I pin him down

" Watch me make you purr, daddy" I whisper in his ear

He pushes me on the bed and kisses my neck making me moan and I smile That night we had fun.

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