Lycan Princess

All these insults have been thrown at 19 year old Destinee Davis. She is the daughter of Alpha Myrix. Yes, their Alpha is a female. Her mother hides secrets about her father and her race. She barely even talks about him and when Destinee was young her mother forced her to become a rouge, along with her siblings.This has turned Destinee cold, distant, and unforgiving. She only cares about her survival and no one else, but her younger twin siblings Ashley and Ashton. Her older twin Jonah left years ago. Her pack has left her so broken she does't even want a mate.
Corwyn Stone is the 20 year old Alpha of the BlackCrest Pack. He has been searching for his mate. What happens when he finds out his mate is cold and distant also the future Queen of the Lycan race? Will he be the one to melt and mend her frozen heart or will he break it?
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3. BlackCrest Pack

Chapter 2- BlackCrest Pack

-Destinee P.O.V-.

I wake up on the plane. I whip out my Iphone 7 and log on to . In 15 minutes i am the 3rd biggest snake. 'TheBiggestDick' was in first place. 'TheycallmeAshy-boo' was in second. I quickly peep behind me and realized that my brother and sister are the two biggest snakes. I smirk evily. HeHe time to crush their snake dreams. I smirk wider as I fake out my sister and eat her dots. Now I am the second largest. 

I find my brother eating the dots of another snake. i fake him out and eat his dots. I laugh maniacally, not realizing that we just landed.

"We are here!!!" shouts Ashley excitedly

WE get our things and goo into the Italian station. 

"Ok guys did you brush up on your Italian?" I ask

'Yes! It's been a while since we've been back home in Italy. We walk up to the desk.


I asked "Ciao, signore mi chiedevo dove abbiamo potuto chiamare un taxi?"

He tapped his chin and replied "Il loro è un centro di taxi a nord di qui. Se si passa il negozio di fiori"

I nod and say "Grazie"

As we walk I say "Ok guys what did I say?"

Ashley says " Hello sir I was wondering where we could call a taxi"

Ashton continues saying " He replied ' Their is a taxi center north of here. If you pass the flowershop' "

I nod and say " Correctomundo!"

They high-five each other and laugh. We soon got a taxi and pulled up to our new house.

" Whoa" is all they can say. I laugh at them. We unpack and get ready for bed.

"We are going exploring" the twins say

" OK" I say oblivious to what they said.

I stop for a second and say " Wait!What?" but they are gone before I realize it. I grab my phone and rush out. I look ant my nails and make sure they aren't chipped.

" OOh, but first let me take a selfie" I say and take like 5 photos and then leave. I look down the street and see a forest.

'Of course they would go to a creepy-ass forest in the middle of the night' I say to Crys

'Yeah' replies Crys

I use my super-speed and quickly get into the forest.

" Guys this isn't funny come back" I basically yell

" DESTINEE!!!!" I hear Ashley yell

" Let go of her!" I hear Ashton whine

I am mad-dashing to see the situation. I shift into my wolf in mid-air and hit the ground running. 

^^ Destinee's wolf ^^

As I see the figures I growl. 

'Stand down rouge' says the male in the mind-link.

I growl at them and bare my teeth. My tail is swishing dangerously. The two males look at me. One male super-speeds Ashton and Ashley to the pack and then comes back.

'Beta and Delta' seethes my wolf

They circle me growling and snarling. I repspond by doing the same thing. One is red and the other is grey. The gray one lunges at me. I duck just as it sailed over me. It landed on its paws. It snorted. 

'Jackson fire-paw' the graywolf says

Wait how can I hear their mind-links?

'Jackson's ' eyes glow read. A trail of fire is set blazing towards me. I run and dodge the flames. I run on a tree and flip backwards.

Well crap that just happened. I am fighting against two elemental wolves.

I am so distracted that I didn't notice the gray wolf running behind me. It tackles me. I hear a distinct howl. It tells me it's the Alpha. The Alpha is a black wolf with blue eyes. 

'Jackson and Peter you are dismissed. I will deal with the rouge ' he mindlinks

In my mind my wolf is going crazy. The scent of Cookies n' Creme and Roses hit me. My wolf is literally drooling

'Get a hold of yourself, woman!' I tell her

She whines.

                                                                                  ^^ Jackson's wolf ^^

                        ^^ Peter's wolf ^^

                                     ^^ Corwyn's wolf^^

'Mate, Mate' my wolf says

The Alpha stalks closer to me. He brushes his muzzle against mine. I laid back my ears and growl.

'Such disrespect mate. Welcome to the BlackCrest Pack ' he says

Next thing I know. I'm out like a light.

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