Forever and Always

Luke and Ana go through some twists and turns but never stop loving...


7. 6- Proposals and Beaches

Ana's POV 


"Buuuggghhhhh lewk the bay bays are crying" I yelled he's the only person that can make them stop. He starts singing I'm not sure what it was cuz I was downstairs and they were upstairs but it was a sweet song. He was a perfect dad. 


" oh yeah happy 1 year spider legs" I exclaimed when he came down "oh yeah and happy 22nd birthday shorty"

He said " I have something planned for today" he said " oh yeah like what?" I said "well my mums coming over and looking after the girls and we're going to a beach for some fun" Luke said "what the fuck? It's winter" ana said "no it's the middle of summer.your in Australia you know" Luke said "oh right haha and anyways Australia's winters are even hot but in December it's winter in Canada" ana remembered " well I'll just get ready then" ana said pecking Luke's lips. 


I put on lip balm, water proof mascara and waterproof concealer. Tied my hair into 2 French braids and put on my white bathing suit top with teal bottoms under my nirvana tank top and black jean shorts. 


At the beach



"So first, ONE of your presents" Luke said "ok..." I said I was kinda nervous. Luke got down on one knee and proposed... "Adriana Jawnee, I've loved you ever since the Dare now that I have two beautiful girls and one even more beautiful girlfriend. I want to take it to the next and last level of marrying you. Will you marry me?"

Luke asked I bawled like an f-ing baby. But said yes. 

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