Forever and Always

Luke and Ana go through some twists and turns but never stop loving...


5. 5- The Pregnancy

2 weeks later 



" hey babe is it ok if ash Calum and mic come over? Oh and their girlfriends" Luke asked "Luke I already told you this is your house you can do whatever you want" I told him "but there is something I want to tell you and the boys and I want to tell you first" I said "what is it shorty?" Luke said "I-I'm pr-egnant?" I scaredly said "*gasp* oh my god.." he said as he hugged me tightly but not too tightly.



Everyone arrives  




Everyone's sitting in the living room there's one spot on the couch for me. I flip over the couch and start talking "hey guys um so I'm pregnant... with TWINS" while clapping and being kinda sarcastic but it was no joke! "OH MY GOD!!!!!" they all said in unison "how far along are you?" Mic asked " just 3 weeks" I replied "how'd you find out this soon?"  Ashton asked " well I have to have an ultra sound every couple months because only one side of my uterus works, and I had really low chances of getting pregnant but after I'm pregnant it's all normal" I answered  "oh ok" ash answered "hey babe can you get me some half ice tea half lemonade please" I asked (I don't know if that's just Canada or what and yes I'm Canadian) "sure!" Luke answered he's such a good dad already! 


I call my mum


(M-mum a-ana)


A- hi mum, how's the animals (I'm a farmer haha it's not weird)

M- good! Duke is Luke a giant teddy bear so nice!

A- that's good

M- why did you decide to call?

A- um I have some news and you'll be so happy!

M- what is it

A- guess

M- your getting married?

A- nope but a couple months after this ends yes

M- ummmmm your pregnant?

A- yes! With twins!


A-yeah well I got to go 

M- ok bye princessa 

A- bye mama.

Phone call ends**



9 months later



I was making breakfast and.... "LUKE!!!! COME DOWN...QUICK!!!"

I yelled he came right away. " my water just broke." I said and I was ready to have this baby "let's go then!" Luke said 


*at the hospital 7 hours later*


The doctor came in "get ready to push their coming in a couple minutes, do you know what they are?" The doctor said "human hopefully.. haha but gender wise no" I said trying to make a joke but he got it "do you want to?" He asked "no no no no no no no"


*5 hours, 2 babies and 3 buckets of sweat later we have 2 beautiful girls*


"Names?" The doctor asked " well this girl is Emma Abigail Hemmings" I say with a smile " and this girl is Brooke Elizabeth Hemmings" Luke says he loves them so much.


Then my grandmother from my dad's side texts me... I haven't talked to my dad since I moved 2 years ago so how would he or my grandmother know??? Btw I really dislike my grandmother (I don't want to say hate but that would be the right word for it)


The convo went like this.....


(g-grandmother A- me)

G- hi sweetie.

A- um hi?

G- now that you've had the twins you should drive up sometime?

A- um are you mental?

G- don't you dare talk to me like that Adriana Jawnee Stavast!

A- well let me think... maybe I'll come over in about 70 years when they invent a way to drive on WATER! Don't be so dense!

G- what the?

A- oh so you know that I had twins but you don't know that I moved to AUSTRALIA... 2 YEARS AGO!

G- well then fly down!

A- I'm not rich! Goodbye. And by the way even if I do fly down it will NOT be to see you I will go see my mother and friends!




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