Forever and Always

Luke and Ana go through some twists and turns but never stop loving...


4. 4- Steamy Events

*after the tour*



Ana's POV


I jump into the shower and jam out to some music, then I hear someone open the door... I get freaked out because Luke and I have never done anything more than kiss and he's only ever seen me in a bra and underwear never naked... and I have glass doors on my shower... shit. "Hey I'm just in her to brush my teeth and clean my lip ring." He looked right at me and didn't even care that's a good thing! " k. " i smerked. But then the shower door opened... he was in the shower with me!!! He started playing with my hair as I just put in shampoo and making different shapes in it like a child but I liked it. After a bit he left and before he left he turned on the cold water.. ALL THE WAY!!! I screamed but it was ok because I got out right away anyways. 


*after the shower* 


"You know we're not doing anything else today..." Luke said with his grin from hell. "Yeah, are you thinking what I'm thinking".......


*the contents are not really appropriate for this page*


And we fell asleep 




I woke up with his warm arms wrapped around me. "Mornin shorty, how'd you sleep?" Luke asked "pretty good spider legs" ( those are the nicknames I came up with because I'm really short I'm 5"1) I kissed his nose and he kissed my lips, I loved the was his lip ring felt... 

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