Forever and Always

Luke and Ana go through some twists and turns but never stop loving...


3. 3- Tour Dates

Luke is hanging with ash, Cal and Mikey...


"Ana's plane comes soon I should go pick her up." Luke said "k bye looser" Miley yelled back as Luke walked out the door ( Luke middle fingers Mikey without even looking) 


On the car ride there... 

Luke's POV:

She's so damn hot and perfect. I think I love her...... OH SHIT! I go on tour in 3 weeks. I'm not sure if she's aloud to come. How could I rip her off like that. Crap. *luke calls the manager* 

(Luke-L manager-M)


L: hey Kris.

M: hey Luke what's up?

L: not much. I just have a question.

M: ok shoot.

L: is my girlfriend aloud to come on tour with us??

M: I don't know... I guess I could pull some strings and make it work

L: thanks kris! See ya later. 

M: bye.. and BE READY TO GO IN 3weeks!!

L: ok..


*luke arrived at the airport*

(A-ana L-Luke)

A: hey babe!

L: I missed you!

A: me too. 

*ana kisses Luke for the first time, she loves the feeling of his lip ring against her lips, Luke deepens the kiss ana moans a little*

*luke picks ana up bridal style and carries her to baggage claim* 

L: which ones yours?

A: the purple one.... you know I love you right?

L: yes and you know I love you too right?

A: yeeaahhh.

*driving home*

L: hey how would you feel about going on tour with us?

A: really? That would be super fun!

L: so your up for it?

A: sure, when do we leave

L: not for 3 weeks

A: sounds cool

L: oh yeah and I have something to give you,

A: no you didn't have too, your already doing so much for me.

L: well I did lol. 

A: ugh, I love you so damn much

*luke gives Ana a beautiful promise ring*

L: it's a promise ring, it means I promise to love you forever almost like a wedding ring but not quite.

A: *tears up* I love it so much babe.

L: I knew you would.

The rest of the drive home was silent but the good kind.






Back at the house


"I guess I won't unpack haha" Ana jokingly said "nah if just live out of suitcases for 3 weeks ha" Luke answered "ok hahaha" Ana replied


"I'm gonna go take a shower I'll probably take 1/2 hour" ana said "ok just don't flood the bathroom haha" Luke said as a joke " ha says you" ana said (Luke floods the bathroom every time he takes a shower)


*Ana starts walking upstairs, but falls...*


Ana screamed " oh my god what happened" Luke yelled 


*Ana caught her foot in the rail*


"We gotta go to the hospital" Luke said as he was calling 911


*At the hospital*


(A- Ana L-Luke D-dr)


D: I'm afraid you've broken your foot

A: what's gonna happen

L: we're going on tour in 3 weeks will she be able to come?

D: yes definitely we're just going to put you in a boot/ air cast for 3 months but you only need crutches for 3 weeks then you can walk with the boot after that

A: ok sounds cool I guess


*3weeks pass*


"Ready to go?" Ana asked Luke "yep just gotta get dressed" luke replied "k me too" Ana said 


*anas POV*


I pulled on my "loser" sweatshirt and ivivva leggings my black uggs and we were off I didn't bother with hair of makeup cuz I can do that on the bus


*Luke's POV*


I pulled on my nirvana hoodie and ninja turtles pj pants I didn't feel like wearing anything else and we left



Back to the story



"K let's start with going to Starbucks I need coffee" ana said "k there is one close it's a drive through so it'll be fast" Luke replied "should I get something for the guys?" Ana asked "idk if you want to" Luke replied "ok switch seats with me so I can order" ana said "k" Luke replied


(What we ordered)


Ana: passion tea lemonade with 5 pumps of peach

Luke: iced coffee with 3 pumps vanilla

Ashton: mango tea lemonade

Calum: black iced coffee

Michael: lemonade with 3pumps raspberry 



*at the bus*




"Ok, let's do this!" Ana exclaimed. "What are you going to do?" Asked Michael " get ready, I only have 2 hours!" Ana said "holy crap, all I have to do is throw on a semi clean shirt and then I'm done!" Michael said " you do you and I'll do me ok?" Ana answered with a giggle. "Ok." Michael playfully answered. 


*ana sat at the table and did "primer, concealer, powder, contour, highlight, brows, winged black eyeliner, black mascara, and super dark purple/ red liquid lipstick" and threw her hair up in 2 French braids. Put on a all black "looser" tshirt, black leggings and black converse and they were there*.


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