Forever and Always

Luke and Ana go through some twists and turns but never stop loving...


2. 2- Meeting the Boys

(Back in his room)

"Hi guys" Ana said shy. Ashton wispered to Luke " it went this well?" "yeah she's pretty cool right" Luke asked. "Yeah and hot" Ashton said trying to whisper but Ana heard and blushed while talking to Calum.


"Why are you in Vancouver?" Ashton asked trying to get a convo going. "Triple threat it's a dance convention." Ana replied "where are you from?" Ashton asked " I'm from Smithers but I leave for Australia for school next week" Ana said "awe we leave next week to you should come live with me for a bit, you know until you have somewhere to live" Luke said hopefully " sure that sounds fun" Ana replied 

* it was about 2Am*

Ana was sitting on Luke's lap on a couch she loved it. They had been talking for so long Ana's face hurt from smiling so much "well I should go" Ana said " Noooooo stay and sleep here" Luke pleaded "uhhhh ok I just have to text my mom first" ana said b

*3 am they fell asleep*

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