Forever and Always

Luke and Ana go through some twists and turns but never stop loving...


1. 1- The Dare

One cold December 15th day Luke, Ashton, Michel, and Calum were in Vancouver for a concert and they were hanging out in the Hotel... (Guys are playing truth or dare) "Luke, truth or dare?" Ashton said, Luke replied "Dare" "I dare you to go to the room across the hall and ask them out, boy or girl!" Ashton dared "ok!" Luke confidently replied.. He knocked on the door, a young girl named Ana about 1-2 years younger than Luke answered the door. "Hel-Oh my god! Your Luke Hemmings!!!" She exclaimed. ( Luke thourouly examsnd her big brown eyes, her short yet cute body just tall enough that when she hugged him she fit perfectly right under his chin and her long, shiny, soft, perfectly curled, dark brown hair) "Yeah" he said with a chuckle, "will you go out with me?" Luke said originally said as a dare but was realizing that he thinks he loves Ana. "Omg are you serious?, oh god that was probably a dare wasn't it. Why would Luke Hemmings want to go out with me?" She fadingly said. "Umm, no why would you think that?" Luke lied, "well ok maybe but now I realize that I just might love you." Luke said hopefully. "Ok, haha sure I'd love to, whatcha up to tonight?" Ana said with a giggle in her speech. "Nothing accually, what are you doing now? Do you want to come over to my room it's just across the hall" Luke proclaimed "sure I'd love to" smiled Ana. 'This is the BEST birthday ever" ana thought to herself

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