Heart Broken

Tyler thought he had the perfect life with his fiancé, Luke Hemmings until he cheat. Will he ever love someone else?


3. chapter 3

“Did you fall in?” Brendon asked, smirking when I walked up to our table.

“Oh Brendon, you have no idea how happy I am right now. Mr. Mystery guy is named Josh. He and I just had the hottest freaking quickie in the employees room,” I exclaimed and started to laugh when he made a face. "Tyler are there any bounds to your sexcapades?” he frowned at me.

“Brendon, don’t be jealous. That sexy man just banged the hell out of me over the desk. I say he’s a keeper?”

“So he’s the new weekender I’m guessing?” he inquired.

I sighed as I took a sip of my drink. “Yes, he’s the new weekender. Don’t worry though. We’re going to his place. You can sleep peacefully tonight, my friend.” he looked up at me with concerned eyes.

“Tyler, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. It isn’t safe to just run off with a perfect stranger you met in a bar, you know.”

“Brendon, please. It will be fine. He seems nice. It’s not a big deal. I promise,” I assured him calmly.

He sighed as he conceded finally. Smiling, I grabbed his hand. Brendon was a great friend. Always concerned and looking out for me.

“After a couple more drinks, he hopped off his stool and gave me a hug. “Ty, I am getting out of here and grabbing a cab home. Mr. Josh over there has been looking at you for the last fifteen minutes like he wants to devour you and it’s making me kind of nauseous. Be safe and call me if you have problems.” He waved goodbye as she headed out of the bar.

As I watched him leave, an arm snaked around my shoulder. Smiling I turned to say something sassy to Josh but frowned when I realized it was just some guy who thought he had ownership over me now that my friend was gone. Hell no. Before I could rip his balls off with my words, he was jerked away from me.

“He’s mine tonight, buddy,” Josh growled from behind me. I laughed at his bold words. Actually, I believe he is mine tonight.

“You ready, Tyler” he questioned, pulling my hand into his. "Why yes, Josh. I’m ready to continue our delicious game,” I confirm, looking into those brown eyes. They darted to my lips momentarily, so I licked them for good measure. Immediately his eyes met mine again.

“I think I’ve finally met my match,” he growled, pulling me towards the exit. I smiled, thinking about how I’d affected this man. It was empowering when I could get men like this to eat from my hand. If only Luke could see me now. Stupid fucker lost his chance long ago.

When we stepped out of the club, we walked to his car. Josh opened the rear door so I could get in. Once I got inside, he closed the door and got in on the other side. The car ride to his house Josh rested his hand on my upper thigh. I could feel the heat from his pinky finger just centimeters from where I truly wanted it.

“So, do you play this game often?” he inquired.

“Every weekend,” I told him saucily. His pinky finger softly stroked back and forth causing me to shift a little closer to him, needing to be touched. For the rest of the short ride to his place, we sat in silence. His pinky still stroked my thigh.

The car finally came to rest. Josh got out, opened my door for me, and lent his hand to pull me out of the car. "Come on, let’s get inside.” he smirked. He placed his hand on my lower back and guided me inside.

“Tyler, can I offer you something to drink?” Josh asked me. When I nodded, he took out two beers and sat down next to me on the couch. “So it’s safe to presume that personal inquiries are off subject in our little game?” he asked.

“You presume correctly, Josh. I feel like we can have some fun but please, let’s just make it about sex. I am not really into spilling details about my life,” I said to him. It’s not even worth the breath quite honestly.

He studied me for a moment, trying to understand my answer and I greedily drank my beer. He just raised an eyebrow. Taking matters into my own hand, I glided over so we were touching chest to chest, I wrapped my arms around his neck and tilted my head up, inviting him in for a kiss.

He set the beer down on the table beside him and leaned down until his lips were almost touching mine. I licked my lips to draw him in further, and he took the bait, claiming my mouth furiously. He nibbled at my lip and sucked on my tongue, causing me to moan into his mouth. My hands made their way to his perfect hair and I took pleasure in pulling it and messing it up for him.

His hands made their way to my ass and he roughly grabbed it, pulling me closer to him. I could feel how excited he was, now that I was pressed firmly against him. His hands suddenly slipped under my shirt and yanked it off me. As he continued to kiss me, one hand slipped down my pants and began rubbing me. I shivered at the touch and moaned again into his mouth, causing him to growl.

“I need to see you naked,” he said gruffly, pulling away. “Lead the way, hot stuff,” I purred back at him. He surprised me by scooping me up into his arms. When I squealed, he laughed and stalked into his bedroom with me in tow. Unceremoniously, he dropped me onto his gigantic bed.

“Hey! Asshole!” I giggled. He squatted down before me and pulled off my shoes. Taking both of my hands, he pulled me up off the bed to face him. Reaching down, he unzipped my pants and it fell to the ground leaving me only in my boxers. He licked his lips appreciatively.

“Wow, you are an absolutely stunning guy.”

Smiling, I taunted, “Don’t be a tease. Show me what’s under your clothes, Josh.”

When he didn’t make any moves to undress, I grabbed his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders so that it dropped to the floor. I started unbuttoning his pants. He finally decided to assist and remove his pants. Instinctively, I ran my hands up his abs and over his pecks. He had a perfect body. Keeping his eyes trained on mine, he removed the boxer briefs and his hard length bounced out. Josh had an amazing body, and I was ready to play.

He sensed my desire and gently pushed me backwards onto the bed. He grabbed my hips and yanked off my boxers. I started trembling just thinking about what he was about to do. He then slipped out his tongue and dragged it between my folds, causing me to buck off of the bed. Grabbing my hips again, he pressed them into the bed, keeping me in place. He quickly began an insane pattern of licking, sucking, and nibbling. I started hissing air as my orgasm neared. Needing to touch something, I threaded one hand in his hair.

I shuddered with delight as my orgasm came crashing down over me “Josh!” I shouted, pulling at his hair as my body clenched around his mouth, milking the last of my high. Jerking himself away from me, he walked over to the bedside table and retrieved a condom giving me a great view of his nice, round ass. He ripped open the package and slipped it over his gigantic cock. Pushing me farther up the bed, he settled himself between my legs and bowed his head to kiss me gently on the lips. Grabbing his head with both hands, I tugged him to my mouth and deepened our kiss by slipping my tongue inside.

We kissed hard for a few minutes until we were both panting for air. I could feel him lining up his tip with my entrance, teasing me. “Josh, I need you,” I begged, nudging my hips upward. Giving in, he pushed himself inside, causing us both to moan simultaneously.

He began thrusting into me, quickly making my orgasm sneak back up on me. The slapping of our bodies made a beautiful sound as we both neared the edge of coming.

“Josh, I’m going to come!” I shouted as he continued to pound into me. Just as internal fire overcame me, signaling the start of my orgasm, he groaned and slowed his thrusting.

My aftershocks clenched around his cock making us to flinch with each one.

When it finally stopped, he chuckled. “Damn, you are so fucking sexy. We just finished and I’m counting down until we can do it again. You are amazing,” he praised.

“Thanks. You aren’t so bad yourself,” I joked, grinning at him. Pulling off of me, he strode into the bathroom to dispose of the condom. I jumped up and started redressing, realizing it was getting late. I’d need to get some sleep if I had any hope of getting up tomorrow.

When he came back out of the bathroom and saw me dressed, he frowned.

“Josh, I need to leave but we can certainly meet up again tomorrow. It’s been fun,” I assured him, smiling.

“Tyler, it’s late. Please, stay here tonight,” he said, the frown still on his face.”

“Josh, I only live a few minutes away. It’ll be fine. Here, let me see your phone. I’ll text myself so you’ll have it and we can set something up for tomorrow,” I protested, sighing because he was starting to be a tad difficult.

“Fine, but I'm taking you home. You are not taking a cab at this time of night alone,” he bellowed, eyes challenging mine. I rolled my eyes, conceding. Reaching over, I snatched his phone out of his hand and started texting myself.

Unknown Number: Hey sexy. I can’t wait to have some more good times with you. How about I take you to a fabulous restaurant?

I handed the phone back to him, laughing. Suddenly my phone chimed in my pocket. A few moments later, after he’d thrown on some pants, he followed me to his car and started driving me home.

“Some guy just texted me and wants to take me on a date,” I teased, winking at him.

“Well, are you going to accept his offer?” he asked, chuckling at my silliness.

“I’ll think about it. Maybe he can text me tomorrow afternoon and confirm,” I suggested as I kissed him goodbye right before I could get out he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to him.

“See you tomorrow,” he promised and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. I tried stepping away but he sucked my lip between his teeth and gently bit. Giggling, I reached under his arms and tickled his bare ribs to get him to turn me loose.

Loud, boyish laughter escaped his mouth as he squirmed away from my fingers. Ah ha! Big, powerful Josh was ticklish. I loved it.

“You’re ticklish! Oh, this is going to be fun!” I told him, smiling evilly. He had a huge smile on his face and both hands in a surrender position, backing away from me.

“Tickle me again and you are getting stood up for your date tomorrow,” he threatened, still grinning. Getting out the door, I shouted back at him, “See you tomorrow, Josh.” Big, serious Josh was sexy. But ticklish, boyish Josh was pretty adorable too.

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