Heart Broken

Tyler thought he had the perfect life with his fiancé, Luke Hemmings until he cheat. Will he ever love someone else?


2. chapter 2

“Come on, Tyler! I don’t have all day. Some of us have been ready for hours,” Brendon called to me from the living room. Of course he’d been ready for hours. He was wearing jeans and a sweater for crying out loud, and it probably took two minutes to fix his messy hair.

“Okay, fine. But I’m holding you to it. Now, how do I look?” I asked him.

Ever since the day I found Luke cheating on me, something in me snapped. Gone was the blond haired innocent. My outlook on life and love had been ruined the moment I saw that girl’s big tits bouncing as she rode my man. He had stolen it all away from me when he decided to sleep with some bimbo after almost four years of dating.

“You look good as always, Ty” Brendon assured him. The ride only took twenty minutes since the gay bar we wanted to go to was just a few blocks away. On the way there, I thought about how my life had gone from spending every weekend with my fiancé to sleeping with a different guy each weekend instead. Since Luke had left me a broken mess, I woke up one morning needing a different way to live. The way I could cope was to sleep around with hot men and drop them before either of us could get invested emotionally. It made for exciting weekends full of unattached sex. Unfortunately, there were always the guys who would seem genuinely hurt when the weekend was over. Somehow I was a bitch and a whore even though the little shits knew what to expect. Brendon said that I needed help. I thought I was doing just fine. My heart never hurt anymore.

Once we had graduated and moved into Brendon's apartment, he had gotten a job.

Finally, things were looking up, because I had successfully ended my last day at the café today and would embark on my future on Monday. I was eager to finally start my career after all these months since graduation. When we walked in the bar the smells instantly intoxicated me as we walked in. The mix of smoke and an oaky smell permeated my senses. I grabbed Brendon's hand and walked him over to the bar so we could get drinks. The many hungry stares as we passed didn’t go unnoticed, and I shivered at how it excited me. Knowing that I could have whatever man I wanted in here made me feel powerful. I’d be fucking one of these poor souls in just a few hours. I smiled as I scanned the crowd.

When we got to the bar, I squeezed between two barstools so I could tell the bartender our order. The bartender handed us our drinks. I pulled out a twenty to pay for our drinks, but he held up a hand, stopping me. “I would pretty much say every drink you want for the rest of the night will be free. I just had several different guys say that they wanted to buy your drinks,” he laughed.

I smiled and thanked him before Brendon and I made our way to a tall table. “This place is nice, Tyler I’m glad we came." Brendon, just enjoy the free drinks and attention. "We’ll find some nice guys to take home later,” I teased, winking at him. He just rolled his eyes. I liked to mess with him, knowing that he wouldn't be taking a guy home well maybe if he likes what he see, he's bi.

“What are two beautiful gentlemen doing sitting here all alone?” I winced only slightly because it was already turning me off. But sex was sex. As long as I kept his mouth occupied with other things, I could avoid the things that might come out of it. Clearly already annoyed, Brendon huffed out, “I’m going to the bathroom.” He left, leaving me with the guy alone.

“Have a seat” I told him, matching his cheesiness. He grinned back at and sat down.

“A guy, like yourself, and I could have a damn good time, if you know what I mean,” he suggested, a good fuck. I took a long sip of my drink and looked up at him "is that so, handsome? Well, then by all means, I’d like to see what you mean.”

He shifted in his chair, clearly excited at my answer. “Well let’s get out of here” he suggested.

“Okay, we can get right to it. But we need to go over the rules first,” He sat back in his chair, looking at me questioningly. “First of all, it’s just fucking. Nothing more. Secondly, you get three nights of it. Just three. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. After we’re finished on the third night, you go away. Done. It’s simple and easy." He just looks at me in a confused way. "So do you want to play by my rules?” I asked him.

He slid out of his chair, stalking off. What the hell? He couldn’t handle what I had to give anyway. Before I could start searching out my next victim, I felt the heat of someone’s body leaning behind me. The deep voice that whispered hot breath into my ear sent a shockwave right down to my core when he said, “I want to play.”

Please let this one be hot, I thought, because I could almost just get off on his voice alone. “Is that so? You think my game sounds fun?” I asked him. A big, masculine hand snaked around me and settled on my upper thigh, rubbing a thumb on my leg. My body shivered with need as I realized just how close his thumb was to the aching, throbbing part of me.

I dropped my head to a side allowing him full access to my neck. My bait. And just like the good little player I knew he would be, he brushed his lips up my neck to just under my ear, where he pecked me, short and sweet. Between his lips on my neck and the thumb running a pattern on my leg I was ready for him to throw me across the table and fuck me like nobody else was in the room.

About that moment, I saw Brendon walking back toward the table, glaring at my overt sexuality. Before he reached the table, the voice whispered, “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll find you again in a bit. We have a game to play.” And as quickly he disappeared. "What the fuck, Tyler? You looked like you were about two seconds away from letting Mr. Mystery fuck you in the fucking bar!” He shouted at me. Slowly coming out of my sexual haze, I spun around to look for him. There was nothing but a large crowd building around, no Mr. Mystery guy.

“Brendon, I am going to fuck the shit out that man tonight,” I told him dreamily. Mr. Mystery dripped with sexuality and I wanted to drink it up. Before he could scold me again we were interrupted by a waitress who stopped at our table and dropped off two more drinks for us. “These are compliments of Josh” she said to me like I should have known who that was. After we thanked her, we sat back and thanked Josh. Brendon and I giggled to each other.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom. Get us another round of drinks,” I told him. I couldn’t wait for my little player to find me so we could start our game. This was the first time I had actually found excitement in my game but something about his voice had promised a lot more than just fun. I couldn’t wait. I walked out of the bathroom and down the hallway but was stopped by my Mystery guy between his sexy voice, I nearly begged him to do naughty things to me right then and there.

“Close your eyes,” he said, grabbing my hand.

Closing them, I allowed him to lead me down the hallway away from the bar toward the room that had an Employees Only sign I had noticed on my way to the bathroom.

“Do you work here?” I asked him, eyes still pressed shut. His chuckle had me clenching my thighs together.

“I’m friends with the owner. But don’t tell him what we’re about to do on his desk,” he added.

I sighed at his words, nodding as he pulled me through the door, and closed it behind us. “Are you ready to start our game?” he growled into my ear, sending shivers of need down my spine. “Yes. Can I open my eyes now?”

“Hmmm. There’s just something really fucking sexy about you not being able to see my face. I don’t want you to see me till after I make you come. You like that rule?” he said, clearly making up his own rules as we went along.

“Kind of unfair to let me fuck you only to find out you are ugly,” I told him snootily, hoping to egg him on. He pulled my back to him so I could feel his hardness against my back. I gasped when I felt the very large size of it. His hands slid around my body, settling on my tummy as he whispered his hot breath into my ear.

“I’ve never had any complaints,” he bragged, nudging his hardness into me a little. My body shuddered because I wanted him right now. I didn’t care what he looked like. I was going to fuck him reading my mind, he pushed us forward until I was on the desk. Not gently at all, he bent me over so that my arms were spread across the desk, knocking papers off in the process. He nudged my bottom with his hard cock through our clothes, making me whimper because I wanted it so badly.

“So three days. We’re agreeing to just three days, right? I can’t start this game without knowing that we both fully understand the rules,” he said. "Yes. That’s how the game is played. We get to be each other’s play thing for a whole weekend and then we can go back to our lives come the start of the week. Are you going to fuck me or not?” I demanded testily, ready for him to plow into me. Not saying another word, I heard the jingle of his belt and the sound of his pants falling to the ground. I shivered with excitement. Slowly, he eased and grabbed a handful of my ass.”

“You are sexy as hell,” he growled, once again rubbing himself against me. This time, the friction of his naked hardness against I was so wet and he hadn’t even touched me he hooked his thumbs to my pants and slid it down my legs, letting it fall and he took out a condom package and he began to make his way inside me. Not waiting for any more commands, he teased the entrance with his tip. I pressed backward to him, begging him to push it in. Finally, he groaned and shoved it all the way in, causing me to yelp out in delight.

My body took a moment to accept his size but then began clenching, wanting him to continue. He quickly started pounding into me. His hand came around as he thrust into me. "Oh my God, I’m about to come,” I shrieked as he continued to work me over. Within moments, my climax took over and around his throbbing cock. He grunted, and I could feel his own climax course through him. He collapsed on top of me, his heart pounding against my back. Inhaling the sent of my hair, he said, “What’s your name, sexy?”

“Tyler. And that was amazing, Mr. Whoever You Are,” I praised, short on breath. His loud chuckle vibrated through me, causing me to begin to throb again for him. “Josh. And that was really fucking amazing,” he agreed.

I smiled, finally looking around to notice all the papers we’d shoved off the desk. Oops.

He lifted back off of me and slid out, causing me to tremble at the loss. I could hear him pull his pants back up behind me and drop something into a trashcan the condom I believe. Stepping back behind me, he pulled me up off the desk. His hands grabbed me and I pulled my pants back on.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I needed to see the face of my lover. Spinning around before he could stop me, I drank in his beauty. When his brown eyes met mine, my knees weakened a bit. Oh my God he was beautiful he had a sleeve tattoo on his right arm, yellow hair was perfectly styled on his head, making him look very good chocolate brown eyes studied mine as I greedily looked him over. And his lips. God, I couldn’t wait to put mine on them.

“Suddenly dragging me out of my thoughts, he spoke up, “Like what you see?” I giggled. “I guess I do,” I told him. He arched an eyebrow and his laughter boomed in the office.

“You really are something, Tyler. I’m going to enjoy playing our little game,” he growled. He quickly leaned over and brushed his lips against mine and I felt his tongue on my lips begging for entrance I let him in. He pulled away as fast as he swooped in, he instructed, “Go to your friend. I will come get you in a little while and we can get on to the next round at my place.”

I winked at him and strode out of the room.

Tonight was off to a great start.

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