Heart Broken

Tyler thought he had the perfect life with his fiancé, Luke Hemmings until he cheat. Will he ever love someone else?


1. chapter 1

Tyler's point of view

Luke was the love of my life. We met our first year at Columbia in Freshman Comp. His messy blond hair and crystal blue eyes had captivated me from the moment he sat down beside me. We had started out as friends but quickly morphed into lovers. He stole my breath every time I saw him. Even to this day.

Luke was on a football scholarship. Now that graduation was just two weeks away, we’d be able to start focusing on the rest of our lives. A few months ago, on Valentine’s Day, he proposed to me in Central Park. Instead of focusing on finals, I could only think of my upcoming wedding and becoming the future Mrs. Tyler Hemmings.

I stopped on a recent picture of us after a football game. We were so happy, smiling back in the photo. Dragging me out of my daydreaming, my boss Lindsay hollered at me.

“Honey, you might as well go home. I can’t afford for us to be this slow and pay you to drool over your fiancé. Think of it as your engagement present. Your one and only day to ever get out early." I'm completely excited over the news because I never got to leave early, I ran over and pulled the gruff woman into a hug.

“Thank you, Lindsay” I exclaimed. Pushing me away with a grunt, she said, “Well, go before I change my mind. And don’t get any ideas about this happening again.”

Luke and I hardly ever got to spend evenings together because of my job at the café and him playing football. This evening I was going to surprise him. Give him a taste of what a good wife I could be. He was going to love what I planned on doing to him once I got hold of his sexy body.

Practically skipping the two blocks to my dorm, I rushed into my room and changed out of my uniform and put on my regular clothes black skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a sweater over the door flung open, revealing my roommate Brendon.

“What the hell, Tyler” he sounded surprised since I was home early.

“I got out of work early and I’m going to surprise Luke” I told him, smiling. Even with his back to me, I could tell he was rolling his eyes. Brendon was a good looking guy but he hid behind his glasses, sweatshirts, and messy hair. He was one of the most intelligent people I had ever met. Having been placed together as dorm mates we instantly became the best of friends.

“Well I'm heading over to his dorm he won’t know what hit him,” I laughed. "Good luck" he laughed back.

Luke wouldn’t be expecting me for few more hours so he was going to be shocked when he saw me. He told me he’d be studying for finals in his room while I was working, so I knew he’d be there. I missed Luke and I wanted to have some hot sex with my fiancé. When I got to his room, I quietly opened it, wanting to surprise him. Realizing that the lights were off and that he might be napping, I decided I was going to hop into bed with him and really surprise my man. That was until I heard the moan. What in the world is he doing over there?

I fumbled for the switch. My eyes froze in horror at the scene before me. A naked girl was bouncing on MY naked Luke. What? I was having trouble processing how a naked girl was with MY fiancé.

Everything went in slow motion at that point. The girl jumped up, scrambling for clothes. Luke asked me what I was doing there while covering himself with the blanket. I was backing out of the room, tears streaming. He called after me as I ran away. The man had effectively smashed my heart to pieces.

The trip back to my room was a blur. Once I burst through our door, I met Brendon's eyes. He instantly held his arms open to me, and I ran into them.

“Luke is a bastard,” he whispered, stroking my hair, knowing without words what had happened. My life was ruined. This happy guy would no longer ever be happy.

A dark two weeks…

I can’t breathe. My heart actually physically hurts. How is this even possible? I thought they were joking when they talked about broken hearts. They weren’t lying. How will I make it without him? I love him. But he ruined everything when he slept with that slut. Gosh I hate him. But miss him.

For two days now, I just lie here, thinking about what would have happened had if I did not walked in. Would we still be getting married? Nothing can bring me out of this terrible place. Brendon tries, but he can’t get me out of my miserably.

School doesn’t matter. Food sucks. Life sucks.

“He keeps texting me, but how can I begin to ever even talk to him? I’m afraid if I see him that I’ll just run right to his arms, hoping he’ll make it all better. But I know deep down that isn’t right. If he did it once, he’ll probably do it again. God, my heart hurts so fucking bad!

I guess I’ll just cry myself to sleep…again.

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