The New Neighboor C.H

Hailey Morgan was the popular girl in school all because of her abusive boyfriend who was the jock. She then had to move from LA to Australia where she met her new neighbor, Calum Hood


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

The New Neighbor C.H

Calum's POV

Ashton, Michael, and I were all at Luke's house playing video games when all of a sudden I was getting a call. I quickly paused the game and looked at my phone and saw that it was my mom. I answered it and right when I did all I could here was my mom and her boyfriend fighting.


"No john! I did not do that! I was not here when this happened so how was I supposed to know that this broke! It's just some stupid vase that we can easily go to the store and get the same one for 2 dollars!"

"No joy! This was my mothers! She gave it to me when she passed, it cost 12,000 dollars!"

"Jesus Christ John your over reacting! Your mom is still alive! Are you drunk again!"

"For fucks sakes Martha"


"No Stacy I am not"

"Now who's Stacy!! Look john I have had enough of this!"

"Nope, no, uh huh! We are not over! Or so lord help you I will smash this beer bottle all over you and your stupid son and stupid daughter will be gone forever!"

"No no please john I'm sorry I love you I will never do such a thing, just don't take my children! I will do anything! Please!!"

I quickly ended the call and threw my phone on the floor and began to cry. Soon those cries turn into sobs and I'm just laying on Luke's floor sobbing with the guys around me comforting me. I had the phone on speaker so they heard everything. I have already told them everything about me, since they are my best friends.

I then stopped crying and immediately thought about our next door neighbor. I don't know how I began to think about that so quickly but I did. I wonder if it's a girl or boy? Do we have a lot in common? If it's a girl, is she pretty?

I wonder if they are people my age, or older people. I soon got interrupted by Luke saying,

"Yo, you guys can crash here if you would like?"

"Sure I'm down"


"What about you Calum?"


Luke got pillows and blankets for

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