Her Lonely Heart |Beauty And The Beast Competition Entry|

She was just a lonely outsider, until the day everything changed. |Beauty And The Beast Competition Entry|One-Shot|


1. Her Lonely Heart

Their conversations came crashing to a halt as she entered the room, they always did. Taking her seat in the back of the classroom, she watched as her classmates went back to talking with their friends. No one even spared her a glance, they never did. The teacher assigned group work, and she watched silently as everyone paired with someone else. Everyone but her, she would forever work alone. She ate lunch in the cafeteria, watching everyone chatter away with their friends. Everyone but her. At the end of the day she climbed onto the school bus, watching as once again everyone found a friend to sit with. Everyone but her. Getting off the bus she started her lonely walk home, but before seeing others walk off with their friends. Something she would never have.

At home, she found her mother cooking while her father read the newspaper. She greeted them before running off to her room, away from the happy domesticity she would never have. She watched TV, read books, listened to music, but they all reminded her that she was strange, that she was an outsider, doomed forever to never belong. She didn’t speak much at dinner, knowing her parents could never understand. They weren’t like her, they were normal, they belonged.

Then, one day, everything changed. It only took one, small moment, over as soon as it had begun. A kind smile, a reassuring word. A small, soft hand slipping into her own as they walked to their classes. Suddenly, she wasn’t alone, suddenly she belonged. For the first time, she felt normal, and she owed it all to the one person who changed her life with a single smile. The person who had lifted her up, shown her the light, helped her to become strong once more. Her best friend, her role model, the love of her life. Her girlfriend.

People still ignored her, she was still an outsider, but she wasn’t alone anymore. They were outsiders together, and they felt normal, happy and like they belonged. Because they were together, and that was something no amount of discrimination could take away.

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