In which LEGO Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake are Nightwing, Red Hood, and Red Robin respectively, only to come home to Damian Wayne holding their beloved title of Boy Wonder, and the Man Upstairs seems to have decided to destroy them all. [feat. afab trans nonbinary Tim Drake, trans boy Dick Grayson, and an imagining of the story in liveaction.]
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[disclaimer]: this doesn't really deal with dc canon that much, except for a few key things like superboy-prime (kon-el) altering reality, causing jason to rise up from the dead (ofc, this would mean he'd have to die in the first place - while here, he does die at the hands of the joker, it is more of collateral damage than it is like. on purpose), jason subsequently taking up the red hood mantle, the death of the flying graysons (minus dick, especially considering he seems to have been in the orphanage for a long while in lego batman), and each preceding robin having a hand in the training of their successor, though here with dick, jason, and tim, it is more like they all helped each other out bc here they grow up together as siblings instead of having been taken in like years apart from each other. also, they are all clearly older, with dick being around 22 or so, jason being 21, and tim 20. (for the record their bdays r march 20th, august 16th, and july 19th, respectively)


Kim Jongdae as Dick Grayson
➳ the purest (trans) boi 
➳ panromantic pansexual 
➳ he still thinks batman is the Best Dad (TM) even after like. just over a decade
➳ nightwing


Ming Xi as Tim (erry Cassian) Drake 

➳ afab; trans nonbinary
➳ demiromantic bisexual 
➳ red robin (YUM)


Samuel Larsen as Jason Todd 
➳ Bitter + Angry (TM) 
➳ i mean. he died then came back to life only to find that batman didn't avenge him so that's fair
➳ red hood (joker dad was v amused by this)


Alex Storm as Damian Wayne 
➳ probably white af but idk all i know is that atm our three preceding robins don't like him at first
➳ current robin
➳ these age gaps probs aren't accurate but like i said this isn't that heavily based in dc canon besides the parts listed above. so here, damian was bit younger than his three predecessors were when he became robin (10 as opposed to 12, 13, and 11, respectively), and in the story's present, he is about...15 or 16. he's like, a kid compared to dick, jason, and tim. also, tim's pov in the first chapter mentions her being like 16-17 when she stopped being robin, and given that she is 20 in this fic's present and damian 16, that would make her 4 years older than him, thus making him 12 when she left. technically, she was 15-16, barely 16 in fact, thus making damian 10-11 when he becomes robin.
➳ tbh tho lowkey one of the reasons that they don't like him at first is the fact that he's batman's biological son and idk, it feels like a slight on their part and on the boy wonder title for that to be a thing bc for them being the boy wonder was gave them so much tbh. and i guess they always thought of the boy wonder title being held by an orphan, bc as a title and a hero, it brought so much hope and happiness to the kids they saw at the orphanage, yknow? the kids at the orphanage were always like "wow!! robin's so cool!!" and "wow!!! they used to be an orphan too!!!" and they only wish they had that growing up as an orphan. so that's...uh. that's that


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