Winter's War

An attack was upon the Ice Kingdom in the North side. Princess Bianca's parents have both died at the attack, but they died in a memorable fight. Left with her best friend and her godmother they search for fighters, born hunters and maybe if they're lucky, an assassin.
They come across different seasons, some may be allies, and some might be enemies. But all Bianca knows that she must avenge her parents and her kingdom, one way or another.


5. Special Chapter

Juvia's Pov

I gripped my bed post as my maid pulled my corset tighter, making my waist look so skinny, it might look like a toothpick.

When she finished, she helped me with my dress, red and no straps. My breasts on show, not to large but not to small. Mother said the perfect breasts, waist, and face makes a perfect powerful queen. In my terms, being a powerful queen, we have to make sacrifices. But I'm not that cruel, sacrifices for the other kingdoms of course.

I walked to the throne room, older sister standing next to my throne. My sister June is Commander of the Summer Region Army. Our army is large, but only five of our men is strong enough to put down one kingdom, I smile at the thought. "June" I nodded at my sister. She nodded back, her face straight and hard. 

June is not what you call a lady. She turned down her position as queen but instead took a job that was meant for a man and instead she made sure it was made for her, she didn't care who she had to go through she'll be the next Commander of my army. June is beautiful and strong, all the men were afraid of here, but treat her as their own brother, it's quite nice actually be one of them. I never experienced it myself but from afar, watching my sister having fun with them, sparing with them it seems that she found what was missing, her other half. 

I sat in my throne, smoothing down my red dress over my legs, sitting up strait. I crossed my legs no one knows that I do that, mother of course, she'll have a fit if I don't have complete posture. My sister turned around and looked at my legs, she smirked knowing my legs are crossed. 

Another thing that no one else has except me and my sister June, is trust and love. June and I are the closest sisters you'll come to ever know, you'll see us quarrel but it's only a matter of seconds were in each other's arms apologizing to one another and thinking of a new way for both of us to settle on. That is what make us the perfect pair, and the perfect sisters.

The large double doors open, my horse man along with lieutenant Jone walks in. "Your Majesty, Commander June. Were ready to head out to Automnal Equinox." they bowed and stood up straight, shoulders back but not far, feet pointed straight, legs together but not too close for them to lose balance. June turns to look at me for my final command. "Then were are certainly ready then I suppose" I smiled. I stood up, and walked towards my sister. She held her arm for me which I gladly took. We began to walk, "My dear sister how you make me so proud" she said to. "I'm only doing this to show people who has power, and what better way to do it, than taking over every season kingdom?" I answered. She chuckled. "Yes, indeed sister. But I have a plan." I stopped walking which made my sister stop as well. She looked at me and smirked, "Well, Juvia, we have much to discuss over our long journey ahead." I smiled, knowing that the plan has something to do with me, I am part of this, a really huge part.


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