Winter's War

An attack was upon the Ice Kingdom in the North side. Princess Bianca's parents have both died at the attack, but they died in a memorable fight. Left with her best friend and her godmother they search for fighters, born hunters and maybe if they're lucky, an assassin.
They come across different seasons, some may be allies, and some might be enemies. But all Bianca knows that she must avenge her parents and her kingdom, one way or another.


1. Prologue

Bianca sleeps peacefully in her ice cold bedroom. Her body lays still on her large princess like bed, with curtains draped around it. It was going to be a long day tomorrow, for it was to be her coronation day. Her dress was made special just for that day, and she couldn't wait to throw it on and show it off to her best friend Monica. 

A loud bang was down the hallway. Bianca awoke abruptly hearing the noise. When she was fully awake, she hears everything clearly now. Orders being yelled, loud stomps passed her doorway. Screamings, yelling, only one thing that would be happening and Bianca knew very well. Her kingdom was under attack.

She slipped on her flats, threw on her coat and dashed out of her room, seeing men and women running franticly. She stopped one her maids, "Where's my mother and father Gloria?" she was breathing heavily when she answered, it almost to hard to understand what she was saying, "In the study madam, but please be careful, they're everywhere." Bianca loosened her grip on Gloria , and let her run off to safety.  

Bianca carefully dogged the others that were running to safety, and went to her father's study. She opened the door and found him, her mother, and men surrounding a table. "Father, why are we under attack?" They looked up and saw Bianca breathing heavily, out of breath and fear. Queen Laguinia ran to her daughter ad gave her a tight squeeze. "I was so worried, I told your father we should've have brought here with us so you wouldn't be in any danger"  she rambling on and on how Bianca's father never listened to his wife. 

"Laguinia, now is not the time." Laguinia nodded and walked across the room and looked out in the windows. Bianca followed her and did the same. Men on horses riding into their kingdom with their swords in the air, reading to stab cut whoever was their enemy. "They're in the castle Ramon" King Ramon began to talk, a grappling hook went through the window making it crash. Bianca looked out and saw many others in windows, looking down she saw the men climbing up. 

Bianca's breathing became uneven, "Father they're climbing up!" she shrieked. Ramon yelled his last and final orders, and they stormed out swords ready. Ramon went to one of his book shelves and pulled a book out making the case turn, leading a dark tunnel to somewhere. "Laguinia, take Bianca and go. This will lead you to the boats. Tourelle and Monica are there already. Please hurry."  

Laguinia pulled at her daughter's arm, "Wait, father what about you?" Ramon pulled out to swords. In his hands were two ready swords to fight. "I will fight as many as I can to keep you both safe." he pulled his two favorite girls into a tight bear hug, as if he'll never see them again. He pulled back, both girls has tears streaming down their face. "Now GO!" they ran through the tunnel hearing the bookcase closing behind them, then faint swords clinking together.

As they ran, they saw a light up ahead. They ran faster and saw Tourelle and Monica already in the boats. "Monica!" Bianca whispered loudly. Monica and her mother Tourelle looked up and jumped out the boat to reunite with their friends. "Where's King Ramon?" Tourelle asked. Both Bianca and her mother stayed quiet, but Laguinia spoke up, "He decided to stay back and fight with his men, like a true king would." it was quiet, all four stood there. "We have to hurry. Some of the staff already escaped, this is the last boat." Bianca and her mother nodded. They climbed into the boat. 

Footsteps echoed and soon men were here, but not Bianca's kingdoms men. They held bow 'n arrows. Laguinia flipped over the blanket that in the boat and it showed weapons. She took the bow 'n arrow and lined it up and let it go, the arrow right throw the man. Laguinia grabbed a sword and climbed out of the boat. "Mother no!" Laguinia looked sadly upon her only daughter, her only family left. "It's my turn, to fight my kingdom. Go now, I will hold back as many as I can." once Laguinia was out the boat, she began to fight men, with her great skills, it was hard for her to lose. Tourelle began row the boat along with Monica and Bianca. As further they went, all three of the saw. "MOTHER!"

As Laguinia was fighting one man off she forgot about the other one that she injured but not much. He had an bow 'n arrow. Everything stopped. She looked at her flat stomach, and saw a arrow right through her. She can't stop now, she'll keep going until all her energy goes flat. She continued, stabbed the one she was fighting early. She stumbled slightly and turned around to face the man she once use to call her brother. "I see now who you bow down to brother." he chuckled. "Aww, but dear sister, summer is so much fun, warm and can't die from the cold." he said with venom in his voice. 

Laguinia fell to her knees, "You think you killed every living royal blood to this kingdom? You're wrong baby brother like always." she smirked as she began feel her body becoming empty, becoming numb. "What do you mean Laguinia!" he yelled. She laughed, but it was week. "Oh, Carlos! I hope you didn't forget about your niece........." and she fell. 

The kingdom is falling, guards are dying one by one. This is how it all starts. This is Winter's War.

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