Winter's War

An attack was upon the Ice Kingdom in the North side. Princess Bianca's parents have both died at the attack, but they died in a memorable fight. Left with her best friend and her godmother they search for fighters, born hunters and maybe if they're lucky, an assassin.
They come across different seasons, some may be allies, and some might be enemies. But all Bianca knows that she must avenge her parents and her kingdom, one way or another.


4. 3

Bianca's Pov

 I woke up early, clearly I couldn't sleep with everything going on. I got out of bed and put on my my traveling clothes that wouldn't get torn when I'm near trees. I did my hair into a bun tightly, put on flats, and walked out of the room quietly without waking up the others. I walked down stairs to see Uncle Davis wiping down his bar. 

"Good Morning Uncle Davis" I curtsey and smiled. He gave me a smile and a nod. "Good Morning princess. Are you fully rested to travel for a long journey?" I nodded, "I think so, but I couldn't really sleep" I replied. 

"I couldn't really sleep either Bianca" I turned around and saw Monica, covering her mouth while she yawned. She looked ready, wearing leather pants with a white shirt tucked in, with a blue coat and black boots.

"I see both you girls are ready, let's eat breakfast and head out." Tourelle said. She was wearing the same thing as Monica.

We sat down at the bar as Uncle Davis sat down our plates with eggs, sausage, and hot porridge. We sat there for an hour talking and eating. Tourelle explaining her plan.

"Tourelle, no matter how good that idea is, but Elizabeth Dowin doesn't work for anyone." Uncle Davis said. 

"It's not a job, it's helping her kingdom, protecting her highness. I won't be asking her, I'll be telling her" Tourelle said with a stern voice.  

Uncle Davis snickered, "What makes you think that Elizabeth will listen to you. Bossing her around like that can get you and the girls killed."  Tourelle pressed her lips together into a thin line. She sighed, "Fine, we'll ask her politely, if she says no, we'll find her and execute her when Bianca has her kingdom back." 

Then I jumped in the conversation, "We'll not be executing anyone once I get my kingdom back, we already had so many people die last night, I don't want anymore blood on my hands, we need to start pure and new once I get my kingdom back." I looked between Tourelle and Uncle Davis  then got up. "I'll get the horses" Monica said, dragging me with her. 


We walked to the stables where horses were kept if anyone needed one if there a runaway or something. "Once wrong with you Bianca, snapping at mother like that" Monica said pulling on reins on the horse. "She not the queen of the Winter Kingdom, so she has no right to make such decisions as that."  I said  grabbing a rein from a different horse. "I know Bianca, but she was only..... making a decision" Monica said, but she knows it's a lie. Her mother might be loyal to my mother, but we all know she won't towards me. 


We decided to visit our ally, Autumnal Equinox. They are a small kingdom, but very strong. Spring and Autumn are known for having strong magic, making spells and potions. 

As we entered, you can only hear our horses breathing heavily from running, the town was empty. We picked up pace towards the castle. We stepped inside holding onto the reins to guide our horses. 

"Princess Bianca!" I turned around fast and saw King Ramon. He was an old king, but wise and sweet. "King Ramon" I curtsy as he bowed. Tourelle and Monica curtsy after me. 

"King Ramon, I'm sorry to disturb you but-" I was cut off. "Bianca, I know. I gathered the whole town into the castle to stay. It's the safest place for now" Ramon said. 

"I am also sorry for the royalty lost of your parents, Princess Bianca" he took my hand and kissed it. "Thank you" I said softly, looking down at the nicely polished floor.

Tourelle stepped in front of  me, "Your highness, we need to stop her." Ramon shook his head, "There's no stopping her, we all know that. It's best if we survive or fight with her. We are not fighting against her."

"Father, what do you mean we're not fighting back!" I turned around to see a black haired boy, walk up to his father. He's gorgeous!

"Son, this isn't up for discussion" Ramon said tightly. "Why not your highness, we must not look weak against her, she will think she's winning!" Tourelle exclaimed. 

"Can't you see!" his voice was raised, and it was terrifying. "She is winning, and she will win."

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