Winter's War

An attack was upon the Ice Kingdom in the North side. Princess Bianca's parents have both died at the attack, but they died in a memorable fight. Left with her best friend and her godmother they search for fighters, born hunters and maybe if they're lucky, an assassin.
They come across different seasons, some may be allies, and some might be enemies. But all Bianca knows that she must avenge her parents and her kingdom, one way or another.


3. 2

Elizabeth Dowin's Pov

I sat in the corner of the bar near Irana City by the river. My next man I kill deserves to die, he doesn't' have shame at all, he doesn't regret anything. He will continue not to regret a thing after his next victim tonight, Roana Myblimer. She's nothing special, just another poor villager who'll do anything for money, but she doesn't know she'll not make it out of there alive if I'm not there but I will be there. Waiting for the right moment, I'll strike. 

If you're asking why I'm planning on killing this guy, well it's because it's my job. A trained assassin, born and raised to be one. Now, I'm the best,choosing which person I'll go after and leaving the rest to the others who are just as good as me, but they don't have it there blood.

I take a sip of rum, and my eye catches the sight of Roana Myblimer, and the man she'll be murdered by walk in and up the stair towards the inn. I finished my drink and put a tip down on the table. Hoisted my bag up, and followed them up. 

They rounded a corner turning left,  but kept half of head out to see what door they'll be in. After he closed the door behind him, I sped walked towards it. I put my ear against the door, listening. A few sounds of struggle until she began to talk repeatedly. 

I kicked the door down, seeing a scared woman, tears running down her face laying on the bed, with the man that will be dead in a matter of seconds, on top of her with a knife against her throat. 

He looked at me with anger, "Get out, mind your business." He pressed the knife harder against her throat, making her yell. "Let her go Thomas, I wanna do this without any trouble." he laughed. "You can't do anything little girl" he said. Now the worst part about assassinating men, they call me a little girl, I mean you really shouldn't insult someone who is a trained killing machine who was told to murder you. 

I took a step towards them, and he put pressure onto her neck again. "Don't come any closer, darling. Don't wanna see the-" he stopped mid sentence when I threw a dagger at his side. He collapsed, gasping for air. "I'm not a little girl Thomas" I sneered. He looked at me with pleading eyes as I twirled another dagger between my fingers. 

"Now those are the eyes I've been waiting to see all night. Every single night eye, I see a man who deserves death that has pleading eyes" I stopped twirling, and looked at him in the eye. "Makes me think, they didn't stop when their victim had pleading eyes." he began to shake his no, for he knew what was coming next. "I'll do the same thing that they did."




The dagger is in his chest, his eyes opened, life draining out of him. 

I turned around and looked at the girl. I took out my "Forget Me" potion and poured a teaspoon of it. "Drink this" I said bluntly. She looked at me, "How do I know you won't kill me like you with him?" she asked. "You won't know, because you'll be dead, like him, right now." she nodded like it made sense. It's not poison, it's something to make her forget. After she drank it, she fell right asleep. I grabbed her upper body and pulled her into a bigger motel room, away from the murder scene. I layed her on the bed and walked out. 

I walked down stairs to a few people now in the bar. I nodded at Sam the bartender, letting him know my work is done. He knows about the assassins, he's technically  Marna's son. Marna is my trainer, also my mother figure. So Sam is like my older brother, he does undercover crap, but being a bartender is actually his job. He grabbed a bag and went upstairs, and came back down with Thomas' body in the bag. I followed him outside, I lit the body into flames and watched it burn. 

"Two daggers?" he asked, handing them back to me. I wiped the blood off like it was nothing and put it back into my boots. "He already had the girl, couldn't risk it." I said. Walking back inside the bar. Two drunk men were wrestling bumped into me. "Watch it" I growled. They whimpered away, but continued their game. I sat the bar and Sam handed me a drink.

"You know, you can have an almost normal life like me. Get a job, or join a ladies club for a royal or something." I sighed. "Sam, i'm going to say this once. My life is how it's suppose to be. I kill, I don't regret, I sleep, but not with nightmares, this is my job. I get paid by enjoying the death of people who deserve it." He looked at me. "You don't regret a single thing?" he was mentioning my father, he deserved it. He raped my mother and killed her. My grip on the glass tighten making it shattered. "I don't regret a fucking thing"

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