Winter's War

An attack was upon the Ice Kingdom in the North side. Princess Bianca's parents have both died at the attack, but they died in a memorable fight. Left with her best friend and her godmother they search for fighters, born hunters and maybe if they're lucky, an assassin.
They come across different seasons, some may be allies, and some might be enemies. But all Bianca knows that she must avenge her parents and her kingdom, one way or another.


2. 1

Watching my parents die before my eyes was the most traumatizing thing ever in my whole life, even next to catching my parents doing it, now that scared me. Here's another thing, I'm the next generation that gets ice powers right after my grandfather. He died last year, so my mother and father were to help me, but guess what they're dead too.

After the boat ride, we decided to walk. There wasn't that much stuff to carry. Only three pairs of clothes and shoes, which were flats, pants, t-shirt with a royal coat which is really warm. We also carried one bag full of food, and another with aid kit and outside sleeping. And not but not least weapons. Monica was a swords master, better than boys in her class. I only know how to do potions as in healing or poison to put onto the swords and bow and arrows which is for Tourelle. 

"Ladies, were going to head over to Uncle Davis' bar." Tourelle said. Monica and I looked at her, "Davis has a motel over the bar, we can rest there for the night, then head to the Fall Kingdom, where our allies are mostly at." Tourelle explained. 

I don't know, but she'll make a better army lieutenant than the one who would constantly ask my parents for my hand in marriage. She great at strategizing of course, I have know idea what to do. This happened too quickly, my mind can't process if this is real, a test of my leadership, or if this is all a dream. 

Monica must have sawn of how I looked. Hew smile was sad, but still telling me we'll be ok. I returned the smile, and we followed her mother through the woods. 

By the time we got there, the sun was setting. The sunbeams shining on the snow on the ground or on the trees. Tourelle opened the door revealing a lot of angry people who lived in the Ice kingdom or the town a few mile from it. 

The chatter stopped and they turned and faced us, but mostly me. "Oh, thank goodness! Our future queen is alright" one of the chubby men explained. Some hope was put onto their shoulders, but I can't help them, I don't know how.  

"Hey! Quiet down" Uncle Davis stood up on the bar, getting everyone's attention. He got down and motioned Tourelle to tell them the horrible news. 

"Ice Queen and Kingdom have died fighting for their Winter kingdom. Who attached is the Summer Region." she explained.

"How is that possible! They're isolated, why would they want to attach now?" more chatter started. I was on the other hand was getting fed up with this constant interruption. 

" Shut up! please" I shouted. Everyone looked at me in shock, their own princess has shouted. "I know this is a horrible chapter of our lives right now, but constantly arguing, interrupting news that might help us later, is not going to help solve anything." I said. "So please listen to Tourelle of she has to say, because I'm sure you guys don't know what's actually going on at the moment, detail from detail. Am I right?" they nodded. "OK, Tourelle, please continue" I smiled at her, and she returned to it. 

"The Summer Region's king has died last year. The next in line was his second eldest daughter, Summer. His oldest daughter June,  is in fact the armies leader, which will make the Summer Region powerful"

"How does that mean they're powerful?" one woman asked.

"Summer inherited alot of powers from her ancestors." That made my blood run cold. This my turn to ask a question. 

"You mean, she's the one that the prophecy mentioned? The one who inherited all powers." 

Tourelle looked at me with hard eyes but also fear. "Fire, Ice, and Earth" wait that three "what about Autumn." I asked. "No one knows, it's different every four hundred years. But I think she using that power to let her and her family live. Along with the allies she has made." 

This wasn't happening. Our world is ending. "She's taking over" Monica said. She wants control over everything. "It might not happen, each season has tried, but they lost." Monica turned to me, "What makes you think she won't?! She actually has all seasons in her genes, and no, it's not because of affairs, it was love different season fell in love but it turned back to normal. She actually has a chance" After that walked away, ordering a drink from Davis. 

"Tourelle, what are going to do?" I asked. She shook her head, "What we can do, is try and fight. But other than that, we'll lose"

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