The Unread Diaries

In Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts Professor McGonogall gives each of the first years a diary to keep throughout their years at Hogwarts.


2. Ron's Entry

Chapter by Ilyushka

I don't even know how to write in a diary. Ugh, never mind this is my JOURNAL, not diary. Diary sounds all stupid and stuff. I don't get why we have to write in one in the first place. Ok... to be honest, I'm kind of excited. I mean, I've always wanted something I can tell anything to, and often, your older brothers or younger sister are not the best options. 

But this it totally something Ginny would love. Ginny is... well... you know. The classic younger sister. Quite girly and annoying, but a nice person to be around at other times.

This one girl in my house- Hermione- was really excited about this. Her parents are desints or detints, something like that. Apparently, those are the muggle people that fix your teeth. Hermione is pretty. Annoying. Not pretty!!!! Hermione isn't pretty, she's pretty ANNOYING. That's what I meant to say. Here, I will list all the annoying stuff about her:

- She is a know-it-all

- She is a teachers pet

- She thinks she's really something

- Her hair smells nice

- Her face is... ok, I guess. 

- Ok. I admit, Hermione is a tiny teensy weensy little bit pretty. Ok, fine. She's gorgeous. I said it, alright? 

I can already tell that this journal isn't going to lead me in a great direction. Oh well, I can just burn it at the end of the year. 


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