The Unread Diaries

In Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts Professor McGonogall gives each of the first years a diary to keep throughout their years at Hogwarts.


7. Neville's Entry

I don't know why all the others don't want to do this. To be honest, I've always wanted a diary. It'll help me remember things, because I'm not very good at that.


When I left to go to Hogwarts, I definitely NEVER expected Harry Potter to be there, or even in my same year and house. It was insane!


All the classes sound fun I guess, but I'm actually mostly excited for Herbology. It sounds really cool. I actually kinda wanted to be in Hufflepuff. I'm not really the bravest person you'll meet. I suppose my parents would be proud of me being in Gryffindor like them. That is...they would if...well mind, it's a long story. Let's just say I live with my gran, and they kinda don't know who I am. Again, it's a long story.


My toad, Trevor, keeps getting lost. In fact, I'm not sure where he is now...that could be bad. I'll look for him later, if I even remember. I need a Remembral, for goodness sake!


I'll just go look for him now before he gets too far.

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