The Unread Diaries

In Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts Professor McGonogall gives each of the first years a diary to keep throughout their years at Hogwarts.


4. Draco's Entry

Chapter by Ilyushka


WELCOME, my dear readers, to the CHRONICLES OF DRACO MALFOY! Here in this log (NO way it's a diary) you will hear about my heroic pranks, my scheming ideas, and how, overall, you become ME. 

Ok, I admit. Hogwarts hasn't been all that great, recently. You know what happened? HARRY POTTER HAPPENED! I went over to him to try to get him in my posse, you know, me and the MOST POPULAR KIDS IN SCHOOL? And you know what he did? He rejected my handshake!!!

He rejected my handshake!

He rejected my handshake!

He rejected my handshake!

Instead he's all friends with Ron Weasley! Yeah, you heard that right. Ron WEASLEY!!!! He's SO POOR and wears RAGS. Ok, so not exactly rags, but clothes that look like they've been handed down 5 generations. WHATEVER. 

My posse squad, which includes me, Crabbe and Goyle are awesome with or without Potter. Of course, I'M the leader. I swear, Crabbe and Goyle would do ANYTHING for me. Their parents are big fans of my Daddy, of course mostly when he worked for you-know-who. OOPSIE OMG. I should not have said that. He never worked for You-know-who, I was kidding!!!! 


Draco Malfoy

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