Draco Malfoy's siblings?!?

What if Draco Malfoy's had 2 sister's and 2 brothers? Would he be different? Would his siblings be jerks too? Would they go to Hogwarts? Would they be good or evil? What side of the war did they take if any? Would they side with there family or against? Would Draco find love because if his sisters? What houses would they be in? All those many questions and more will be answered. Starts with the first year(duh)


2. Dragon Ally *8 years later*

Luna's POV

    Shadow, Draco, and I got letters saying we could go to Hogwarts if we so choice. Our dad took us to get our wands first. I got a 12 inch, dark oak wood, dragon heart srings as a core. My sister got a 14 inch, dark oak wood, dragon heart stings. The heart strings came from twin dragons which we found amusing. 

 We crossed paths with a Weasly [Ron I think( he was a red head)] and Draco was so rude! He called him and his family blood traitors. I was so mad my hair caught on fire and my eyes went black ( a sign that ment he messed up)  Well I slapped him, hard , across e face. When I calmed down I went to Ron and said" I am sorry for what my brother called you, it wasn't nice not needed." He looked at me weird he was trying to figure out why I was saying sorry I am his sister meaning I am a Malfoy so it made no sence. My sister stepped in and said " look we are his sister but that does not mean we think it is OK to talk like that to someone you just met is very rude, now good day" she said and with that she pulled me away. The boys were all laughing, let's just say we were not happy. The rest of the trip was uneventful.

When we got home we talked about what houses we like to be in. Hufflepuff was out first." None of us are soft and squishy " said Draco. I hit him on the head." Be nice!" I told him. "And none of us really care about fairness" he finished. Everyone agreed. Even my kind hearted sister from a young age knew the world wasn't fair. Griffendor was next to go. My point was " none of us are in the nicest way possible  goody two shoes". Yeah every one agreed on THAT one. What was left was Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Shadow said " the boys will most likely be in Slytherin while the girls go to Ravenclaw. Well almost there Midnight is already in Slytherin so we just have to wait. "So" I asked Midnight " ready for your 3rd year?" "Heck no!" Was his response making us laugh. 


i did not mean to affened anyone with this chapter I am sorry if I did. But please tell me what house your in 20 pints for every Ravenclaw. 10 for every Griffendor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff!

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