Draco Malfoy's siblings?!?

What if Draco Malfoy's had 2 sister's and 2 brothers? Would he be different? Would his siblings be jerks too? Would they go to Hogwarts? Would they be good or evil? What side of the war did they take if any? Would they side with there family or against? Would Draco find love because if his sisters? What houses would they be in? All those many questions and more will be answered. Starts with the first year(duh)


1. The beginning

    Screams. Screams were all that 3 year olds Luna and Shadow Black (no Dark) heard. They were the twins of the family. Their 5 year old brother Midnight was still sleeping, just barely. While their 1 year old brother Comet was out cold.

 Intruders. That's what they were in this cruel world. The screams were those of their parents. Little Luna and Shadow just saw their parents killed. Their father stabbed in the back with a dagger. Their mother ..... Well there was a green flash and she layed on the floor." Died for sure" thought 3 year old Luna. The intruders came into their room next, checking to see if there were any more people. Luna hid her siblings and herself in her dark, black wings. Completely out of sight. After they left, Luna transported them to the Malfoy's Manor their only other home. The Malfoy's took them in saying it was a blessing that they were not hurt in the fight. They lived with the Malfoy's and their new brother Draco from that day on.


Author's Note

The rest of the story will be from Luna's POV maybe every once in awhile it will be some one else's POV not sure.

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