~Shane Dawson lifestyle~

you are shane dawson and loving the life of posting new vids and hanging out with your frens<3 untill you get hated and losing subscribers for just one vid you posted that got people mad..


1. ~miss ittle lady~

i put oranges in my bra with a pink tank top,tight skirt,blonde wig,and some sparkle high heels, ''do i look bootyful'' i said and i wink at the camera as my bestie Mia laughs her self to death.

things i love about mia
1.shes lesbian so shes tough
2.she laughs at anything
3.shes bootyful ;3
4.shes my bestie and ONLY MY BESTIE!
''hey can you put my lipstick on for me'' i say to her and i wink ''you know i dont wear makeup i dont know a thing about it'' she said still laughing at what i said ''oh gurl your so natural'' i said and wink ''ok i need to stop winking'' and she laughs so loud that a neighbor knocked on our door and told us to quite down. ''ok thats all for today make sure to subscribe and like and ill see yall tomorrow'' and blow a kiss at the camera. ''shane your amazing'' mia says and i blow a kiss at her ''not amazing as you bue'' and she giggles.''ok i got to go i have a date with this tomboy girl today at 9'' she says and i pout ''aww, well fine be a good girl and make sure she dosnt kiss you to hard or put her tongue with yours untill i say so'' she laughed and we kissed ''ok bai she said''. we kiss cause were comfortable doing it and know we love each other in a best friend way.

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