~Shane Dawson lifestyle~

you are shane dawson and loving the life of posting new vids and hanging out with your frens<3 untill you get hated and losing subscribers for just one vid you posted that got people mad..



" oh guess what sassy mia" shane said with a laugh "i told you dude dont call meh sassy!" mia said with sass and shane laughed "ok but whats up" she said and shane squealed so loud that dan and phil knocked on the door to squeal with shane
but shane pictured dan and phil..it would have been cool if they really came*shane thought*
"um hello shaney are you there" mia said waking up shane "oh yeah sorry i was in woohoo land" he said smirking "well ok tell me whats up!" mia said angerly "i got a new boyfriend!" shane said squealing again and mia joined "i-im so happy for u shaney" mia said then shane ran and jumped on top of mia on the couch "the whole neighborhood will be scared of my moans with him" shane said with his eyes closed "ill join u guys and we will moan our asses off" mia said and shane slapped her "dont make me cum on you,you bad girl" shane said "oh im so scared dont put whip cream on me" mia said 
_shane loves to joke around with his frens especially mia_

"really you think its like whip cream? gurllll you cra-cra" shane said
"and your a mega faggot!" mia said laughing so hard she was crying
"damn right im a mega faggot" shane said and he started twerking on mia's face while she was laughing 

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