Peter, an average fifteen-year-old boy, must choose between life and death when he is hit by a runaway car outside his house. When he wakes up in hospital as a ghostly form of himself, he must use what little information he is given by a Raven-haired teen to make his choice. Between sinister plots, a mysterious Werecat and not knowing who he can trust, he soon learns that choosing to live, may end up killing him.

This is the first of my Journals, detailing the last few years and all their events. This particular journal is more a collective of Peter's experiences, his coming of age you could say. Though I'm obviously not Peter, I'll try to convey his thoughts as best as I can. I hope that you will read, enjoy, and understand. Understand that the world is never as it appears.

All the best,

Aegean Brahyeux White-Fang


3. Chapter Two

132 Avery’s Lane—March 23rd It was late afternoon, and several games later, when we decided to take a break to eat. Mum had left some stuff for hotdogs in the fridge so we heated them up, making sure there was an even coating of tomato sauce and mustard for the best flavour. Sarah was still in her room playing with her doll but eventually came after I called her seven times. “You know I don’t mind if you don’t eat but we promised mum we wouldn’t fight until she got back.” She mumbled thanks and took her food back into her room, clearly occupied with that weird doll. “You know what Jason, I think you should bring dolls more often, this is the first day I’ve had in ages that I haven’t had to deal with her screaming at me.” “Just call me Fix-It Jason.” “Gee don’t quit your day job, Fix-It Jason, you’re terrible at names. I feel sorry for you if you ever get married and name the baby.” Jason playfully jabbed at me but I anticipated and dodged. “I mean if it’s a boy you’d probably call it Baldy and if it’s a girl you’d probably name it after a food…Apple or something.” “Oh very funny, you should go into comedy. You know if I was a girl my mum wanted to name me Mya Claire? My dad didn’t like it, thought it sounded like ‘my Éclair’, like the desert.” Jason got up, hitched up his jeans to his waist and strutted. If you had ever seen his father, you’d know this was a pretty good impression. “Mya Claire! Why don’t you just call it my Caramel Tart!” That was it, never in my life had I laughed so hard. I was on the ground in seconds, writhing in both laughter and pain. It was a good ten minutes before we both recovered, and even then, it was still painful to breathe. “In all seriousness, though, I don’t think I would ever have a son or daughter, or a wife.” “Why’s that?” He sat up. “I don’t know. I just don’t really think of that sort of stuff.” “Are you afraid of girls or something? Come on, don’t tell me you’re still afraid of girl germs. What are you? Five?” He was looking a little too serious. “No, it’s not that.” “Then what? Are you gay or something?” “Yeah.” I paused, dumbfounded. I’m such an idiot. At least I think so.” He looked away. “Please don’t hate me I just don’t know why. Pease say something. Yell at me or hit me just do something please!” I had never guessed that all this time he held this secret. When did he find out? More to the point how did he find out? His expression was pleading and he fought to control himself as I realised I had been quiet since he confessed. He waited to hear me say something or hit him. Quite honestly I wasn’t sure what to think or do. I did both, giving him a solid whack on the arm. “Seriously did you think that something like that would stop us being best friends? Idiot I don’t care about that you’re my friend and that’s all that matters.” “You mean, you don’t care at all?” “No of course not. Why would I? It doesn’t change anything, you’re still the same damn annoying guy I’ve been friends with since primary school.” A tear threatened to roll down his cheek. A little awkward and unsure what to do next I handed him a tissue. “Stop crying, it’s weird to see you cry.” He laughed and wiped away the tears that had begun to drift down his face. “Hey, you have no idea what it feels like to get that off my chest.” Putting the tissue into his hoodie pocket he gave me a wicked grin that could only mean one thing. “Now how about another round? Or are you finished being beaten by me at a simple game?” “Beaten? And I suppose those times I won I was dreaming?” It was another few minutes before I ventured a question. “So…you like anyone from school?” Jason’s face went red, giving me just enough time to shoot his character and win the match. “Hey, no fair” he complained. “Just answer the question.” He fumbled the controller to distract himself. “Maybe.” “Who is it? Come on you can tell me.” Jason took a deep breath. “Well, you know Kyle?” I nodded. “I may have a thing for him but he’s not into guys so I guess it isn’t going to go anywhere.” “Well even if he did like guys I think you’d have to get in line behind all the junior girls first. That’s if they don’t tear you to shreds. What do you even like about him?” “What’s not to like?” “How about he’s arrogant, narcissistic, dumb as a doorknob--“ “--easy on the eyes.” “Man this is why you are single.” “I like to think I’m just so damn attractive people don’t feel worthy. Besides, I’ve got plenty of good qualities.” “Like what? You’re a tall nerd that can eat a whole cow in under twenty seconds and not gain a gram.” He whacked my shoulder. “Two seconds actually.” “No, that’d be the amount of time it takes for a guy to run away from your smelly breath.” I barely had enough time to balance myself before I started falling over, pushed by a sneaky hand. Jason quickly apologies. “Sorry, didn’t think you’d fall that hard. Guess I don’t know my own strength” he flexed and offered his hand. I took it and pushed him over. “Sorry, but I did mean to do that.” Just before he could think of retaliating, Sarah came out of her room. “I’m going to check the mail.” “Come on Jason, we better go with her so she doesn’t go running off on her own.” By the time I managed to pull Jason up and head outside Sarah was at the mailbox and taking out the letters, shuffling through each one. A gust of wind blew by, making the trees bend and sway precariously and the weathervane on the neighbour’s house spun around madly. Without warning, one of the envelopes in Sarah’s hand flew out, twirling in the breeze to blow over into the middle of the road where she, without warning, stepped out onto. She didn’t see the car speeding through the lights at the top of the hill. I willed my legs to move and they did. I could cry out to Sarah to look out but would she see the trouble and quickly get out of the way or would she stand there not knowing what to do. Aware of the car fast approaching and Jason racing a few metres behind me I hoped and prayed that I would make it in time to drag her away from the road and the speeding car. Two metres away from Sarah I realise that the car is going way too fast and that I won’t make it in time. With a last burst of energy and effort, I throw myself onto the road, aiming to push Sarah as hard as I can. The screeching in my ears was a combination of the car breaking, Sarah realising what was going on and Jason shouting for both of us to watch out. Unfortunately, there only enough time to push her out of the way and in an instant, my body had replaced hers where she was standing. I was stuck. Something held onto my legs and wouldn’t let go but when I looked down I couldn’t see anything. One second I was struggling to get free and the next I found myself on the ground. My vision was foggy and my fingers tingled. I tried to get up but although I had the sensation like my legs were moving, I could tell they weren’t. My hearing cleared enough to hear drowned out noises, the running engine of a car and a far-off siren. I could just make out the voice of Sarah a few paces back on the sidewalk and Jason murmuring something to her. She called out. “Please wake up, Peter please. I promise I’ll be nice to you and won’t call you names or wake you in the morning or take your stuff. Just please wake up…Peter…. PETER!” Soon Jason kneeled in front of my eyes so I could see him, more footsteps and what sounded like wheels on pavement announced the paramedics quickly approaching. “Peter listen to me. Remember when we had just become friends and we agreed to never break any promise?” I managed a weak nod. “Then promise me you’ll fight this and be ok? Promise me, I want to hear you say you promise. Promise you won’t leave me I don’t know what I’d do without my best friend.” With some effort, I managed to grunt out that I would be ok. Then everything went black.
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